On The Verge on Canal +: what this series on the midlife crisis created by …

Choral series on the daily life of four friends in the midst of the midlife crisis in a pre-COVID Los Angeles, “On The Verge”, the first series of the actress and director Julie Delpy (“My Zoé”), starts tonight at 9:05 pm on Canal + .

On the verge on canal +: what this series on the midlife crisis created by...
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In a pre-Covid Los Angeles, four friends in the midst of a midlife crisis try to juggle their family life and their professional life. For Justine, French chef in a trendy restaurant, Anne, overwhelmed stylist, Ella, with her three children from three different fathers, and Yasmin, who is trying to get out of 12-year maternity leave, the daily is a number one. ‘balancing act most often rock’n’roll!

On The Verge, created by Julie delpy

With Julie Delpy, Elisabeth Shue, Sarah Jones …

Every Monday at 9:05 p.m. on Canal +

Expatriate in the United States, the director of Two Days in Paris and Two Days in New York likes to dissect the cultural differences between her two countries of origin, while pointing out the disparities in the relationships between men and women. In On The Verge, her first series, she offers a spicy analysis of a certain part of American society based on four portraits of women.

In a Los Angeles whose temporality is located just before the pandemic, the series tells the setbacks of four friends in their forties, Justine (herself), a boss neglected by her husband (Mathieu Demy), Anne (Elisabeth Shue), owner of ‘a clothing store, Yasmine (Sarah Jones), a housewife wanting to relaunch her professional career, and Ella (Alexia Landeau, also co-writer), single mother of three children struggling to make ends meet.

Worn out in her relationship, Justine will find an unexpected way of emancipation when she gets down to writing a cookbook commissioned by a publisher. Over the recipes, she will gradually start to write indirectly about her life, and realize that she is not as happy as she thought.

Initiated by Julie Delpy in 2012 before being chosen by the Original Creation of Canal + (then by Netflix which opted for the series for the United States) On The Verge is a comedy of morals in which the creator highlights well heroines too often overlooked by the entertainment industry.

There are series with much older women, like Grace and Frankie, but women in their fifties are a “cultural blind spot”, we kind of left them in the dark. Me too“, she analyzes.”THEhe youthism for women in fiction is all the stranger since a good number of decision-makers among the big chains and the studios are precisely women in their forties! ”

In response to current ageism in Hollywood, Julie Delpy composes a series centered on friendship between women through these four heroines (for whom she was inspired by her own friends), women who have all made different choices. and find themselves at a turning point in their lives.

It interested me to see friends in different social conditions, because I like to mix social and comedy.“, explains the creator, who cites in particular the series Larry and his navel as references in terms of comedy.”To show a married woman who gave up her career a bit with a developer husband who made a career in Silicon Valley; a business leader who works very hard because she is the one who supports her family; or one who struggles because she made the wrong choices and finds herself feeding her children cornflakes at night.

By wanting to talk about women of her age and taking a certain distance from American society and more particularly from a certain form of bourgeoisie in Los Angeles, Julie Delpy draws up a societal chronicle with an offbeat tone thanks to her unique point of view between the France and the United States, and also succeeds in moving us when it touches on the subject of marriage and the erosion of love in everyday life.

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