On the other side of the sky: a moving and hopeful film with the voice of Philippe…

The Japanese animated film “On the other side of the sky” is released this Wednesday, August 17 in our theaters. From what age to watch this feature film? Everything you need to know about Yusuke Hirota’s first film.

Recommended from 7 years old – In cinemas from August 17

Once upon a time : Lubicchi lives in the middle of large chimneys whose thick smoke has always covered the sky of his city. He would like to prove to everyone that his father was telling the truth and that, beyond the clouds, there are stars. One Halloween night, the little chimney sweep meets Poupelle, a funny creature with whom he decides to set off to explore the sky.

The French Voices: The singer and actor Philippe Katerine lends her sweet tone of voice to Poupelle in On the other side of the skywhile the voice actress Fanny Block is the voice of young Lubicchi.

The actor and director Eric Metayer is the playful minor Scoop and Xavier Fagnon is Bruno, the hero’s father. The latter also lends his voice to the bear Ernest in Ernest and CelestineSully in Monsters and Company and Master Mantis in the saga Kung Fu Panda.

Chloe Berthier double Lola, Lubicchi’s mother. She regularly lends her voice to Amy Adams, Kirsten Dunst and Gemma Arterton.

On the other side of the sky: a moving and hopeful film with the voice of philippe...
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Lubicchi and Poupelle

• What they will love : The Other Side of Heaven is adapted from the novel Poupelle of Chimney Town of Akihiro Nishino. The author is also an actor and comedian and has discovered a passion for writing and illustrating children’s books. Published in 2016 in Japan and in 2018 in France, Poupelle has sold over 700,000 copies worldwide.

The adaptation is directed by Yusuke Hirota of which it is the first feature film. The latter explains in the film’s press kit: “I already knew the original illustrated book. Having a young child myself, I really bought into the story of father and son, and wanted to make a film that children could enjoy..”

On the other side of the sky is a fantastic film dense, moving and full of metaphors. The feature film addresses many themes including ecology of course, but also mourning, difference or totalitarianism. All while alternating dark scenes and positive messages.

Believe in one’s dreams

With his little vampire look, the young Lubicchi lives alone with his mom who is in a wheelchair and has to work as a chimney sweep. He tries to see stars in the black sky of the Chimney City.

On the other side of the sky: a moving and hopeful film with the voice of philippe...
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Because since the disappearance of his dad, the young boy clings to the hope of seeing stars. And his meeting with Poupelle, a trash man born on Halloween night, will change his life and that of the population of this town where no one dares to look at the sky.

A naive and lovable character who is rejected by everyone except Lubicchi. Together they will learn that you have to believe in your dreams and hold on to them despite the reprimands of others.

• What may worry them: The film is quite dark and the words can sometimes be hard to understand for the little ones. Several scenes can worry them, especially the one where Lubicchi’s father gets hit because he talks about the stars.

The presence of the inquisitors, the unexplained disappearance of the father, the rejection of Poupelle by the other children, the mockery of Lubicchi and his father, and the will of the leaders to control the people by terror are all subjects that can frighten children.

On the other side of the sky: a moving and hopeful film with the voice of philippe...
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However, the end of the film proves that you have to believe in your dreams and that it is indeed the fear of the unknown that prevents men from moving forward and building a new world.

Poupelle’s presence and his naivety also make it possible to alternate somewhat harsh scenes with more amusing passages.

• What they will keep inside them: On the other side of the sky is a universal tale carrying a message of hope. Despite the dark passages, this is a positive, colorful, tender film full of magic and wisdom.

Author Akihiro Nishino wanted to show the power of belief. That of the people who allow the government to control him but also that of a little boy who believes in his father’s words at all costs.

On the other side of the sky: a moving and hopeful film with the voice of philippe...
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The Other Side of Heaven shows that having a free spirit and believing in your dreams can make things happen.

The film warns about the dangers of pollution on our health (the inhabitants have asthma because of the smoke) and on the ecosystem (they have no plants). Like its illustrious elder, Princess Mononoke of Hayao Miyazakihe shows that human conflicts fade when everyone manages to unite to defend an essential cause: the defense of Nature.

A positive, moving and hopeful tale. Akihiro Nishino also explains in the press kit: “While the film was being made, the virus of the century hit the world and radically changed the direction of history. 2020.

The year when so many people shed tears, the year when so many dreams and hopes disappeared. The world was covered in black smoke, as was the Chimney Town sky. Few people managed to look up.

The Other Side of the Sky is a story of hope, the hope that we could walk through the black smoke to find that simple, big starry sky. It’s a film that makes sense to release in this time of renewal.”

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