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Prime Video is starting the year off with a bang! The mysterious The Rig and Last Light join its catalog, as well as Game Night or the sequel to Escape Game. Enough to spend a week that is both worrying and playful.

First original series of the year (but far from being the last!), The Rig is in line with The Terror by narrating the ordeal of a crew lost on the high seas.

On the oil rig Kishorn Bravo, stationed in the waters of the North Sea off the coast of Scotland, the crew prepares to finally return to the mainland. But a mysterious fog cuts communications with the shore and the outside world.

Those trapped wonder about the forces at hand, until an accident leads them to wonder who they can really trust…

Spectators will be delighted to find famous faces at the controls of this crew: Iain Glen and Owen Teale from Game of Thrones, Emily Hampshire from Mother! and My Life with John F. Donovan, Rochenda Sandall from Doctor Who and Black Mirror…

As many unique and mysterious characters as there are reactions to terror in this intriguing behind closed doors, available from January 6.

Change of course with Last Light, where petrochemical scientist Andy Yeats (Matthew Fox), on a mission in the Middle East, discovers that his worst fears are becoming reality following a sudden and absolute shortage of oil.

Very quickly, the situation degenerated on a global scale. Far from his family, he will do everything to find them before the chaos is total.

Round off the week with a touch of gaming with Game Night! These evenings, hosted by Max and Annie, are an opportunity to get together with friends or family. But when the couple decides to organize a themed evening around a police concept, the game gets out of hand and goes too far, even if it means putting them in danger.

Played by Golden Globe-winning Jason Bateman and Oscar-nominated actress Rachel McAdams, Max and Annie are not at the end of their surprises. Like The Game, Game Night is the epitome of the game night you don’t want to experience… but whose twists you’ll love to experience through your screen!

And to take the game even further, Escape Game 2: The World is a Trap is also coming to Prime Video on January 11.

These programs are available this week on Prime Video.

The Rig – January 6

Last Light – 6 janvier

Game Night – January 9

Escape Game 2: The World is a Trap – January 11

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