Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte are having a blast on Netflix: what is Far from the periphery worth? – Cinema news

Ten years after “On the other side of the ring road”, Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte team up again in the sequel, “Far from the ring road”, directed by Louis Leterrier. An uninhibited “buddy movie” to discover on Netflix.


Ten years after teaming up, Ousmane and François, two opposite cops, reluctantly reunite with their shock duo. Not really happy to meet again, they set off for a small town in the Alps to investigate a particularly sordid murder.

But, while they think they have solved the case, Ousmane and François discover a much more terrifying reality! From surprises to twists and turns, their escapade far from the ring road would even push them to appreciate each other…

far from the ring roadwritten by Stephane Kazandjian and made by Louis Leterrier.


After the international success of Lupine, Omar Sy collaborates again with Netflix. He finds his character of Ousmane, which he had interpreted in 2012 in On the other side of the ring road, and gives the reply to Laurent Lafittealso back in the skin of the narcissist – but endearing – François Monge.

A third character joins the duo: Alice Gauthier, an assistant commissioner, played by the singer and actress Izia Higelinappeared, among others, in The beautiful season, A people and their king and Small type. In the role of the antagonist, Antoine Brunner, it is the actor Dimitri Storoge which gives a hard time to the two friends. It was visible recently in Our drama burns by Jean-Jacques Annaud or the series Parallels on Disney+.

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Winter 2012. While big Hollywood films are competing at the French box office, a French action comedy creates a surprise. Worn by Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte, the other side of the ring-road of David Charhon attracts more than two million admissions to theaters. A success that could have launched a sequel on the spot. It finally arrives ten years later. And on Netflix.

Entitled far from the ring roadthis second part finds its duo of cops, Ousmane and François, under the direction of a new director, Louis Leterrier. The French director is illustrated mainly in Hollywood. The Incredible Hulk, Clash of the Titans, Elusive, it’s him. The choice is clever, but above all coherent. If this new opus obviously preserves the comic dynamics of its tandem, it puts the turbo on the spectacular.

Omar sy and laurent lafitte are having a blast on netflix: what is far from the periphery worth? - cinema news

Laurent Lafitte and Omar Sy in “Far from the ring road”.

On the program: an avalanche of stunts, chases in the mountains, shots filmed with drones… There is no doubt, the show is assured. The film crew decides to embrace the madness of the situations, even if it means setting aside a certain realism. far from the ring road is what it promises: an uninhibited, generous investigative film that demonstrates that action “à la française” is possible and achievable.

Omar sy and laurent lafitte are having a blast on netflix: what is far from the periphery worth? - cinema news

Laurent Lafitte, Omar Sy and Izïa Higelin in “Far from the ring road”.

At the center of a supercharged plot, Omar Sy and Laurent Laffite have a great time. Their complicity is authentic and their duet, electric. far from the ring road is part of the pure tradition of the “buddy movie” – a genre, often linked to action films, which features a pair who share many differences. On screen, it’s obvious that the two actors had a lot of fun filming in this more ambitious sequel. Too bad that the character of Izïa Higelin is a little too withdrawn.

far from the ring road does not shine with its delicacy, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t prevent the feature film from raising viewers’ awareness of committed and topical subjects. More crazy, inventive and irresistible thanks to in-form talent, the film is the perfect program for an eventful movie night.

far from the ring road is available on Netflix.

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