Olive and Tom for parents: 3 minutes to understand everything about the Japanese football anime…

Everything you need to know about the cult football anime “Olive and Tom”, the subject a few years ago of a remake broadcast under its Japanese title: “Captain Tsubasa”!

The animated series Olive and Tom is the adaptation of a manga by Yoichi Takahashi, totaling 37 volumes (available from Glénat editions). Over the years, several spin-offs of the series have emerged, including Captain Tsubasa: World Youth, Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002 (published on the occasion of the World Cup co-organized by Japan with South Korea) or even Captain Tsubasa: Rising Suncurrently being published in Japan.

A real phenomenon series, Olive et Tom has made several generations of viewers dream since the 80s, and has given rise to their passion for football in many professional footballers, including a certain Kylian M’Bappé!

In 2018, a new manga adaptation of 52 episodes was released, retaining the original title of the work – Captain Tsubasa – but also the Japanese names of the main characters (see glossary below).

What is it about ?

Olivier is a young football fan boy. His dream ? Become the best soccer player in the world! New in town, he will discover many young talents with whom he can progress and try to realize his dream! Moreover, the young player can count on Roberto, a star of Brazilian football, to advise him and overcome all obstacles! Attending an improvised match, a player will greatly mark it. But who is this young prodigy who keeps the goals like no one else? Will Olivier succeed in surpassing him?

From what age to watch this anime?

The editorial staff of AlloCiné recommends this program from the age of 10. The series does not include any scenes of violence, with the exception of very engaged game sequences, and non-graphic injuries.

Olive and Tom for parents 3 minutes to understand everything
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What does it look like ?

Why do your teens love it?

  • For the determination of its main character, ready to do anything to take the Japanese team to the top of international football!
  • For his football sequences, certainly unrealistic, but so spectacular!
  • For Olivier’s opponents, all followers of a different form of football!

Who are the main characters ?

  • Olivier Atton, aka Tsubasa Ozora in Japanese: This young football prodigy seems to have been born with a ball at his toe. A newcomer to town, the latter will have to impose himself in the local team, the first essential step to realize his dream of winning the World Cup with the Japanese team.
  • Thomas Pryce, alias Genzo Wakabayashi in Japanese: Goalkeeper and captain of the Newteam, the latter is at first glance an opponent of Olivier. But behind his arrogance hides a real talent. Because Thomas maintains a legendary record, that of never having conceded the slightest goal from a shot taken from outside his penalty area!
  • Mark Landers, aka Kojiro Hyuga in Japanese: Olivier’s main rival throughout the series, this explosive striker is driven by a rage to win like no other has. A follower of an offensive game, more focused on physical power than technique, Mark fires cannonballs that generally leave opposing goalkeepers no chance.
  • Bruce Harper, aka Ryo Ishizaki in Japanese: While his best friend Olivier embodies the hope of world football, Bruce is a player with more limited qualities. But his technical shortcomings, he compensates for them with unfailing courage, he who does not hesitate to use his body to block his opponents’ strikes.
  • The Derrick twin brothers, aka the Tachibana in Japanese: Emblematic characters of the series, these identical twins compete in imagination to develop extraordinary techniques. Among their secret tricks, the catapult consisting of propelling one of the two players into the air by the sole force of the legs to perform an acrobatic strike!
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The anecdote that will amaze your teenager!

  • Olivier is inspired by Japanese footballers Musashi Mizushima and Kazuyoshi Miura, both of whom have in common the particularity of having played on a professional scale in the Brazilian championship and of having worn the colors of Santos FC, the mythical club of legend Pelé .
  • Does the credits ring a bell? Well that’s normal, since the music is plagiarized from the Italian credits of the animated series Lupine III : only the lyrics were changed, while the music remained as is.

Where to see this anime and how much will it cost you?

On the Youtube channel, all the episodes for a completely free and legal offer!

The Captain Tsubasa remake is available on the MyTF1 VOD platform (also free).

Also available in manga (37 volumes, sold €6.90 each by the publisher Glénat).

What other sports anime to watch next with your teen?

  • slam dunka basketball series with a more mature and realistic tone.
  • Eyeshield 21a series on American football by the designer of One-Punch Man.
  • Inazuma Elevenanother football series in which the hero this time occupies the position of goalkeeper.

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