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Loriane Cladec
Loriane Cladec


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Two years after Glass, M. Night Shyamalan returns to the cinema with a new film with a very strong concept: Old. Without revealing anything of the intrigue, our experts carried out the investigation. Discover the Shyamalan recipe in our special file.

What is it about ?

On vacation in the tropics, a family stops for a few hours on an isolated atoll where they discover with dismay that their aging is drastically accelerated and that their entire life will be reduced to this last day.

Our special dossier

Meeting on old.allocine.fr to discover our special file devoted to Old. On the menu, the video “The Shyamalan Recipe” looks at the ingredients that have made the filmmaker successful since Sixième Sens, released in 1999.

You will (re) discover thanks to the many extracts how everyday life and family life are at the heart of his filmography, the importance he gives to sets and finally his personal touch that makes his films so unique: his art of twisting, some of which remain as indelible movie memories.
Also find two featurettes made behind the scenes of the shoot: how M. Night Shyamalan built this story and the incredible making-of of the beach.

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