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If you’re planning to buy a smart TV, there’s no better time than now as Amazon has brought back its Prime Day deals for TVs that are powered by the Amazon Fire TV platform. The brands included in the sale are Insignia, Toshiba, and TCL, but we’re not sure how long the discount will be available as stock is already running low. You can check out our recommendations below or check out the full sale, but either way, it’s highly recommended that you hurry so you can grab the savings.

What to buy in Amazon’s Fire Smart TV sale for October Prime Day

The most affordable smart TV in the sale

, which is available for just $70 after a $50 discount on its original price of $120. It has a relatively small display, but it’s perfect for watching streaming content in small spaces like a dorm room. At the other end of the spectrum is the same brand

, which will deliver a cinematic experience with a massive screen with 4K Ultra HD resolution for clear details and vivid colors. That’s down from $600 to just $400, for a $200 savings. Both of these TVs come with a voice remote that is powered by Amazon’s Alexa.

If you’re looking for the biggest discount screen on sale, you have two options – first

which drops from $590 to $500 for $90 in savings, or

, which drops from $800 to $680 for $120 in savings. The latter is worth the extra cost as it features QLED TV technology, which enables amazing brightness, longer life span and eliminates the risk of screen burn-in.

There are several models of Amazon Fire TV-powered smart TVs on sale right now for Prime Big Deal Days 2023, so you can choose the one that suits your budget and the available space in your living room or bedroom. There’s no time to waste though – if you don’t want to miss out on the discount, you’ll have to choose from these Prime Day TV deals to see what you’re going to buy as soon as possible. If you keep delaying your purchase, there’s a chance that the price of the TV you want to buy back will go back to normal by the time you get back.

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