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OCS : les meilleures séries fantastiques à regarder pendant le confinement

What are the best fantasy series to watch on OCS during containment? Here are our tips!



Adapted from the eponymous comic book by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead follows the fate of a group of survivors in an apocalyptic future populated by the living dead. Led by the charismatic Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) the heroes will have to survive the zombies but also the pitfalls set up by other survivors, for whom hunger justifies the means, including the most violent. Made famous for its ability to kill its main characters, even if it means breaking the hearts of the fans, the series currently has ten seasons and more than 150 episodes. And if several of its protagonists have indeed enjoyed immense popularity with viewers, many villains have also burst the screen, and especially the bloodthirsty Negan embodied by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


Mini-series from the novel The outsider (2019) by Stephen King, The Outsider is an HBO production mixing police narrative with a supernatural atmosphere while we follow the police investigation around the brutal murder of an eleven year old boy. Supervised by screenwriter Richard Price (The Wire, The Night Of), the show offers Ben Mendelsohn – eternal second knife of cinema (Rogue One, Captain Marvel) and television (Bloodline) – a role commensurate with his immense talent. We should also mention the exceptional performance of the actress Cynthia Erivo (named this year to the Oscar for Best Actress for Harriet) in the role of an autistic investigator with unorthodox methods.


While the success of the Twilight films generated in the 2000s a new craze for the vampiric genre, True Blood – freely adapted from the bestsellers of Charlaine Harris – revisited the myth of creatures by adopting a more carnal approach than what had been done until before. Created by Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, American Beauty), the HBO series has taken over the codes of certain B series by mixing horror with eroticism, the program having in fact been known both for its bloody effects and for its (very) numerous sex scenes. If the series was not a critical triumph, it nevertheless enjoyed great popularity both for the depth of its characters and for the quality of their interpreters (Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgård …).


Translated into French The Strange Caravan, but much more often named after its original title, Carnivale is certainly not the best known of the HBO series, but it nevertheless generally appears in the classification of the best productions of the American cable channel. A paradox born of the excellent public and critical reception of the series at its launch, although the craze fell over the episodes, as did its audiences in free fall. Due to a high cost of filming, Carnivale was finally canceled to the surprise by HBO in May 2005, whereas it was until now extremely rare that a series of the chain did not go until the end of its plot. Remained cult for many spectators, it is still the subject of many petitions to this day so that a suite can see the light of day and answer the many questions left unanswered …

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