OCS: the best animation series to watch with your family during confinement

OCS: the best animation series to watch with your family during confinement

What are the best animation series to watch with the family on OCS during confinement? Here are our tips!


The catalog of the platform is likely to evolve, and some content to disappear.


From 10 years old

Under the influence of Japanese aesthetics, Martin Mystère is a Franco-Canadian series, freely inspired by the eponymous Italian comic strip. We follow the adventures of a teenager employed by a secret organization to investigate paranormal phenomena. A gifted genius, but also a heavy-handed teenager, Martin is supported in his investigations by his half-sister Diana and de Java des Cavernes, a prehistoric man recreated from a DNA sample.


From 10 years old

Adaptation of the famous comics of Hergé, The Adventures of Tintin make us travel to the four corners of the world, while the Belgian reporter engages in hectic investigations alongside his fellow travelers: Captain Haddock, his faithful dog Snowy, Professor Tournesol or Castafiore. In these hours of confinement, no other series will make us travel like this around the world without leaving our sofa!


Adaptation of the famous comic book signed Zep, Titeuf follows the adventures of a young boy in the tough jungle of the playground, while he has to accept at home not to be the only center of attention of his parents since the birth of his little sister. Beneath his turbulent garish air, Titeuf is above all an engaging and kind-hearted boy, doubled by a gaffeur de premiere especially when it comes to speaking to his daughter’s daughters, and first of all to his “fiancee” Nadia.


From 6 years old

Five creatures from space elect residence on Earth after their spaceship has crashed on our planet. Colorful, these aliens each have a personality trait: Etno the band’s intello, Gorgious the moaner, Bud the benet, Candy the fairy of the house and finally Stereo and his two heads. Made famous for its wacky tone and the appearance of its protagonists, Les Zinzins de l’Espace has also made itself known for credits interpreted by Iggy Pop!


From 10 years old

Originally, Wakfu is an MMORPG designed by the French company Ankama in the connected universe known as Krosmoz from which Dofus is also derived. Faced with the popularity of video games, a cartoon was launched in 2008 with the co-production of France 3; but the series also especially allowed the Wakfu mythology to make itself known internationally, thanks in particular to the signing of a broadcasting agreement on Cartoon Network, then on the Netflix platform.


From 6 years old

Each 6-minute story tells about Shaun, a sheep by trade, on his farm. He often leads his sheep friends – a little dumber than him – in improbable and surreal adventures. Children may be surprised by the fact that the characters in the series are silent, in the sense that they make their animal noise but do not speak. The series is therefore mainly based on visual gags supported by clever sound effects. It could be that the formidable effectiveness of the whole seduces you even you parents. Be warned!


From 6 years old

The series to which two feature films will be adapted rehabilitates insects with the youngest. She lends to these little creatures that one can find in her garden feelings as well as capacities to project, to dream, etc. Although Minuscule is silent, it is perfectly accessible thanks to a very clever sound environment and a permanent humor. The series dates from 2006 but has not aged and its insects are adorable.

The trailer for the feature film Minuscule:


From the age of 8

Created in 1978, this series predates Once upon a time and retraces the history of humanity, from the origins of life to the 20th century. Once upon a time … man aesthetically presents the same characters as for all the series “Once upon a time”, but above all makes an important focus on the history of Europe. The interesting idea is that the big story is shown to affect the little story of a family (the main characters). A light and didactic way to interest children in the history and evolution of man as a species.


From 3 years

They made us dream when we were little, and it’s now your children’s turn to discover them! The adventures of Babar the elephant have not aged a bit and it is always with great pleasure that we follow these stories taking place certainly in a more serious context than most of the series addressed to children of this age group. Fortunately, the lightness and tenderness of this legendary character defuse the darkness of the situations, while many life lessons are lavished in each of the episodes.


Starting from 7 years old

If parents probably know Le Petit Nicolas, this series is perfect for them to discover the universe formerly created by René Goscinny in the newspaper Pilot. Ideal for entering school, the series deals with relationships between children told at the height of children. The stories of the time – sometimes a little convoluted – are brought up to date, even if it is sometimes difficult and the series can suffer. The initial design is rather well respected despite its passage in 3D and gives a certain cachet to the whole. Perfect for introducing your children to the world of Goscinny, while waiting for Asterix!

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