OCS: films and series to watch in September from Jeune et Golri à Oslo

In September, the OCS platform will broadcast its new original series “Young and Golri”, but also the HBO mini-series “Scenes from a Marriage” as well as the unreleased films “Oslo” and “Music”.

Ocs: films and series to watch in september from jeune et golri à oslo


September 2 : Young & Golri – novelty Comedy

Prune, 25, falls in love with Francis, who is 46 years old and a child. The young woman becomes a stepmother, while her friends are still in descent from MDMA, and that she has the same mental age as the little one. It is the story of a motherhood not chosen but spoiled. This is the story of Prune.

Original OCS production, Young & Golri is created and performed by Agnès Hurstel, host of the funny humor pellet on France Inter. Bittersweet portrait of a young woman halfway between the generational realism of Girls and the tragicomic of Louie, the series was presented this year Out of competition at the Series Mania festival.

September 13: Scenes from a Marriage miniseries Drama

Adaptation of the miniseries (now a film) by Ingmar Bergman, which examines the notions of love, hate, desire, monogamy, marriage and divorce through a contemporary American couple.

The new HBO Scenes from a Marriage miniseries is a remake of Ingmar Bergman’s acclaimed film, Scenes from a Marriage; released at the cinema in a version of 2:37, the work had previously been broadcast on television in six 50-minute episodes.

Considered one of the most influential films in independent cinema, about which directors such as Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach claim, Scenes of married life is revisited in this new version by Israeli screenwriter Hagai Levi (The Affair, In analysis…) with Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain in the lead roles.

Still broadcasting

The Walking Dead season 11 Drama / horror

All of Alexandria’s residents struggle to rebuild the city and feed its inhabitants, which include the survivors of the Kingdom and the Hill, but also Maggie and her allies, the Wardens. Alexandria does not have the resources to feed and protect all of its residents. The situation begins to generate tensions and the spirit of self-preservation will take over and bring danger to the very interior of the camp.

On demand on OCS

Succession – seasons 1 and 2 Drama

Insecure – seasons 1 to 4 Comedy

The main upcoming films

September 1st : Music by Sia Drama / musical

Zu has just come out of rehab when she learns that she will have to be the new tutor of Music, her young autistic half-sister … While Music most often lives in her imaginary and musical world, Zu tries to cope with her news responsibilities. She can then count on Ebo, her benevolent neighbor who will teach her that life’s obstacles can be overcome with the help of a friend …

September 5: Honey boy

September 9: Us

September 12: Oslo

September 21: Black Water: Abyss

September 25: The Dazzled

September 30: The Exorcist according to William Friedkin

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