OCS: films and series to watch in November 2020: His Dark Materials Season 2, Cheyenne and Lola …

With the curfew and its dire consequences for culture and recreation, OCS subscribers will have time this fall to check out new releases like “Cheyenne and Lola” and tackle season 2 of the “His Dark Materials” series. “.

OCS films and series to watch in November 2020 His


NOVEMBER 10 : Industry – Season 1 (US + 24) Drama

Co-produced by HBO and the BBC, this exhilarating dive into the world of international finance is seen by determined young graduates. Over the course of the 8 episodes, the series examines issues of gender, race and social class in the workplace under a microscope. While all the new employees of the company Pierpoint trying to find a place, they must deal with the pressure inherent in the trading rooms. The demands and high expectations of their mentors and the industry itself inspire them to act in ways they never imagined, and which will ultimately make them realize who they really are.

NOVEMBER 17 : His Dark Materials: At The Crossroads Of Worlds – Season 2 (US + 24) Drama / fantasy

Still adapted from Phillip Pullman’s eponymous novels, Season 2 kicks off after Lord Asriel opens a bridge to a new world. Completely distraught by the death of her best friend Roger, Lyra walks into the unknown. In a mysterious abandoned city, she meets Will, a young boy from the same world as ours and who, like Lyra, is haunted by a troubled past. The two young people will quickly discover that their destinies are linked. But the road will be strewn with pitfalls. Meanwhile, Mrs. Coulter doesn’t give up on bringing Lyra back… by all means!

24 NOVEMBER : Cheyenne and Lola – season 1 Drama / comedy / adventure

Produced by Lincoln TV and Orange Studio, this series OCS Originals signed Virginie Brac (Gears) portrays two ordinary but courageous women embarked on a crazy adventure. When Cheyenne crosses paths with Lola, the latter has just killed her lover’s wife. A witness in spite of herself, Cheyenne fears trouble because of her already busy criminal record. She then calls on the boss of the region to make the body disappear. A favor which they will pay a hundredfold and which will involve them in a very dangerous game of dupes within the underworld that he controls. Big problems in real shit, the two accomplices operate on the sly. Behind a smooth and docile facade, they cheat, cheat, and kill if necessary to finally have their piece of the cake.

Still broadcasting

Warrior – Season 2 (US + 24) Drama / action

The Undoing – Miniseries (US + 24) Drama

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On demand on OCS

I May Destroy You – Season 1 Drama

The Third Day – Miniseries Drama / mystery

Room 104 – Seasons 1 to 4 Anthology

Lovecraft Country – Season 1 Drama / fantasy / horror

Coming soon to OCS

While waiting for Euphoria season 2, HBO offers two special episodes of its teen drama to success. “Trouble Don’t Last Always”, the first installment written and directed by the creator of the series Sam Levinson, will be broadcast on OCS in US + 24 on December 7th. After being abandoned in full relapse on the station platform by Jules at the end of the first season, we will find Rue during the Christmas holidays. And we will have to wait 2021 to discover the second.

The main upcoming films

12 NOVEMBER : The Spider’s Web – An OCS Film Premiere on OCS City

In the 1970s, in Chile, Inès, Justo and Gerardo were members of an extreme right-wing group hostile to Salvador Allende. After committing a state crime, the love trio goes their separate ways. Many years later, Inès is a brilliant businesswoman, married to Justo, who sank into alcohol. Gerardo has not changed one iota and is now attacking migrants. He is arrested for the murder of a burglar and risks revealing what happened forty years ago. Inès, who regrets nothing, wants at all costs to prevent this assassination from destroying her life. Director Andres Wood returns to a dark page in Chilean history in this high-tension political thriller.

November, 1st : Knives and Skin

NOVEMBER 2 : Detective Dee III

3 NOVEMBER : Romulus and Remus

4 NOVEMBER : Casually

4 NOVEMBER : The other side of me

6 NOVEMBER : Kill Chain

NOVEMBER 10 : My brother

NOVEMBER 11TH : Charlie’s Angels

13 NOVEMBER : Line of Fire

NOVEMBER 15 : Running with the Devil

NOVEMBER 15 : Asako 1 & 2

18 NOVEMBER : Cuban Network

22 NOVEMBER : Colette

26 NOVEMBER : Letter to Franco