OCS: 6 series that makes you want to dance and sing

OCS: 6 series that makes you want to dance and sing

OCS: 6 series that makes you want to dance and sing

In this period of confinement, what could be better than a small selection of musical series? Hilarious like “Mike”, overwhelming like “Treme” or the catchy soundtrack like “Euphoria”, they will all transport you!

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Adaptation of the Israeli series of the same name by the young and talented Sam Levinson (director of Assassination Nation), Euphoria is a bitter and capsizing sensory trip in the mental universe of her heroine, Rue, a depressed adolescent girl addicted to artificial paradises powerfully embodied by Zendaya (The Greatest Showman). Also a singer, she gives voice to the powerful All for Us, emblematic title of the series composed by Labrinth. Author, composer, performer and producer, the talented British artist signs the entire soundtrack, for which the film Silver-Handed Edward was a source of inspiration for its magical, melancholic and orchestral side. Teen series requires, the soundtrack is also full of hot songs from the new American rap scene, including artists Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat.


How to forget this flagship sequence of the episode All Adventurous Women Do from the second season of Girls, aired on HBO from 2012 to 2017, in which Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Marnie (Allison Williams) dance in their room on the tube Dancing On My Own from Robyn? Girls not only marked the 2010s by redefining the codes of the generational series through the prism of its young designer. Dunham, showrunneuse, producer and main actress, has selected for each season a cutting edge pop and electro soundtrack alongside the musical director Manish Raval. The series has thus highlighted many indie artists such as the singers Santigold, Solange and Icona Pop, the young English prodigy Jake Bugg or the groups Alt-j and Tame Impala … alongside hits like the Wonderwall Oasis or Desperado from Rihanna.

Flight of the Conchords

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie are two New Zealand musicians and humorists forming the group Flight of the Conchords. Become cult by dint of playing their crazy shows, they are denied their project to decline their fiction project inspired by their comic duo on their native land and go to knock on the door of HBO in the United States. From there was born the crazy series Flight of the Conchords in 2007, made up of two seasons around the adventures of their alter-egos who try to break into music in New York. Cultivating an artisanal side in its design combined with wacky and offbeat humor, the series is full of musical sequences, with original songs as funny as they are effective.


A versatile actor, Max Boublil, also a composer, has put his talent at the service of humorous pieces with a gravelly tone in parody clips published on Youtube. In Mike, he precisely embodies a singer has been having known his quarter of an hour of glory in the early 2000s thanks to a pop song calibrated to become a hit. But since then, it has run out of steam, zero inspiration. A bitter sweet comedy around a loser endearing who portrays the ransom of success and the crisis of the thirties with brilliance, surrounded by tasty supporting roles like Philippe Katerine, who composes especially for the series one of these wacky titles which he has the secret …

Tenacious D

As a good fan of hard rock, you no doubt know the group formed by Jack Black and Kyle Gass in the 1990s which often performed the first parts of famous groups, or the film Tenacious D: The Pic of Destiny, a comedy released by 2006 recounting the fictitious birth of the duo and their quest for the “pick of destiny” in order to become the best hard rock group in the world. But did you know the series that preceded it? In just three crazy episodes, Tenacious D follows the group’s adventures on the road to success. Broadcast on HBO from 2007 to 2009, the series was initially to count ten episodes, but before the chain’s wish to see Black and Gass give up creative control of the series, the two accomplices finally decided to make a film of it. Watch to discover the duo’s first adventures to the sound of their fiery titles!


Created by David Simon (The Wire, The Plot Against America), Treme dives into the heart of New Orleans after the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. Between criticism of an America that turns its back on the poorest and hope of reconstruction, the series shines with its illustration of a region with an immense cultural heritage, starting with its musical tradition: jazz. Authentic and rooted in reality, the series calls on real musicians and many actors from New Zealand and loyal to Simon’s productions, such as actor Wendell Pierce.

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