OCS: 5 animated films to watch with your family – Cinema News

OCS: 5 animated films to watch with your family - Cinema News

In these difficult times of confinement, nothing like a good dose of animated films to see with your family. Discover our 5 recommendations to find now on OCS, from the Magic Manor to Léo, king of the jungle.


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Leo, King of the Jungle (1997)

From 6 years old

Born in Japan in 1951 from the pen of the father of the manga Osamu Tezuka in the magazine Manga Shônen, King Léo first enjoyed success thanks to the series of the same name released in 1965 in his country of origin and broadcast in France in 1972. The film follows Léo, a white lion reigning peacefully over the jungle while raising her cubs. Until the day when a gang of greedy men arrives in the savannah … Released 3 years earlier, The Lion King from Disney studios caused a lively controversy as to its similarities to the manga of Tezuka. The mangaka having been all his life a big fan of the works of Walt Disney, his heirs judged that their father would have been extremely flattered that the mythical American studio was inspired by his work and did not file a complaint.

The Magic Manor (2013)

From 6 years old

An abandoned kitten is picked up by a retired magician living in an enchanted house filled with little characters as strange as they are fun. When the old man’s nephew decides to sell the manor, the animals will do everything to make their home look like a haunted house! Adapted from a 3D-relief attraction in a Belgian park, Le Manoir Magique is set to music by Ramin Djawadi, composer of the legendary generic Game of Thrones. Note that the physique of the old magician was inspired by Pierre Richard: “Initially, I went to Pierre Richard, I thought it was the archetype of the old man with his crazy white hair, if it was a “live” film Pierre Richard could play that role!“says co-director Jérémie Degruson.

The Birdhouse (2018)

From 3 years

La Cabane aux oiseaux, nine stories from children’s literature come to life in a 45-minute medium-length film directed by the director of the La Cabane à Histoires series, Célia Rivière. The Bottom of the Hippopo, Do you think you’re the lion?, The penguin who was cold… Let the family take you on this whirlwind of colorful adventures that tackle various themes such as modesty, difference or fatherly love.

The Sandman (2011)

From 6 years old

In the Kingdom of Dreams, The Sandman is responsible for dispersing the magic sand in all the children of the world to help them fall asleep. But one day, the very ugly Tourni-Cauchemard succeeds in seizing the magic sandbag. Then begins a great adventure, in a universe where everything is possible! Mix of animated puppets image by image, 2D animation, classic cartoon and computer generated images, this visually unique work stages for the first time this universal folk character in a cinematographic work, after having rocked youth in a tale by Andersen or in the cult children’s program, Bonne nuit les petits.

Emile’s Farm Adventures (2013)

From 3 years

Adapted from illustrated books and radio dramas by Swedish novelist Astrid Lindgren, author of Pippi Longstocking, Les Aventures d’Emile à la ferme follows the playfulness of a 5-year-old boy. This stupid king never ceases to make his parents furious by making the 400 blows with the farm animals. Often punished in a cabin, he also lets himself be carried away by his creativity and his imagination by manufacturing beautiful wooden figurines in hiding.

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