OCS: 10 nugget series to catch up during confinement – News TV Series

OCS: 10 nugget series to catch up during confinement – News TV Series

This period of confinement is the ideal time to catch up with series. For the occasion, Allociné has made you a selection of the 10 nugget series to see absolutely on OCS, between “Gentleman Jack”, “Future Man” and “Show Me a Hero” …

The catalog of the platform may evolve, so some of the content offered in this article may no longer be available when you read it. Thanks for your understanding.

Succession (2018)

Succession is a bit of a good surprise for the platform. Launched in 2018 and critically acclaimed, it was during season 2 that it managed to gain recognition and gain recognition. The series follows the powerful and wealthy Roy family, between power plays and betrayal, as they fight to become the CEO of the family business. Often very raw in its language, the series is full of twists and shines through its very worked dialogues.

Larry and his navel (2000)

This American comedy follows Larry, a man who has, apparently, everything: a loving woman, loyal friends, a good career … But he can’t help spoiling everything. Larry and his navel is a small UFO created and with Larry David, a stand-up comic already at the origin of the famous sitcom Seinfeld who has a stripping and incisive humor making this series one of a kind.

The Spy (2019)

This dramatic mini-series tells the true story of Eli Cohen, an Israeli agent who infiltrated Syria’s highest military and political levels in the 1960s. With its 6 exciting episodes, The Spy offers us a spy story thrilling, who manages to avoid romantic excesses. Sacha Baron Cohen delivers one of his best performances here and manages to get rid of the characters he created and who stick to his skin.

The Great (2016)

Original creation OCS, Les Grands is a French series which follows a group of teenagers from third to final. While the first two seasons take place exclusively within the school premises, the third breaks these limits and shows us this group of young people in everyday life. A learning series consisting of only 10 episodes per season, it devours itself in a few hours. Indulge.

Veep (2012)

For 7 seasons, Veep humorously led us behind the scenes of power in the White House by offering us hilarious satire on politicians. When Senator Selina Meyer becomes Vice President of the United States, she discovers that the profession is far away is far from what she had imagined. Winning numerous prizes at various American ceremonies, this series, little known in France, is well worth the detour.

Future Man (2017)

Josh Futturman, a no-nonsense maintenance worker, spends all his time on video games … But his life changes dramatically when two mysterious visitors from the future tell him that only he can save humanity from extinction. It’s Josh Hutcherson, aka Peta in Hunger Games, who plays this looser hero who will have to travel back in time to save Earth. With his offbeat humor to take in the 3rd degree, Future Man is a small nugget to discover as soon as possible.

Irresponsible (2016)

Irresponsible, this is the story of Julien, a 31-year-old unemployed and moneyless adult who discovers overnight the father of a 15-year-old teenager. But how can you be a father when you behave like a teenager in crisis? With his quirky humor, which easily leaves room for emotion, this series allows us to speak about the subject of the transition to adulthood with a modern and realistic tone. Sébastien Chassagne, a rising actor, is perfect there. To sum up, its three seasons are worth a detour.

Gentleman Jack (2019)

Gentleman Jack delves into the true story of Anne Lister, a homosexual landowner who, during the Industrial Revolution, wanted to break social conventions and marry a wealthy heiress named Ann Walker. Despite its historical aspect, the series adopts a resolutely modern, light and funny tone based on the flawless interpretation of the English actress Suranne Jones (Doctor Foster).

Barry (2018)

A veritable little audiovisual jewel, a clever mix between Dexter and Breaking Bad, Barry is an atypical series that deserves a detour by combining comedy and murder. On his way to Los Angeles to execute a contract, Barry, a depressed discount hired killer, is warmly welcomed by a group of enthusiastic and passionate people. Would the ex-Marine find a taste for life by being around them? With its 30-minute episodes, you have no excuses …

Show me a hero (2015)

This mini-series released in 2015 on HBO and created by David Simon, the brain already behind The Wire, takes a look at a page in American history little known in France. Show Me a Hero follows Nick Wasicsko, the youngest mayor of Yonkers in New York State, who is forced by the courts to build social housing in a neighborhood mostly inhabited by whites. With its five-star cast, which includes among others Oscar Isaac, Winona Ryder and Alfred Molina, this series reveals the themes dear to David Simon, while scrutinizing us in a quasi-documentary way about American society.

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