Ocean’s 8 on TF1: Matt Damon cut during the editing!

Ocean's 8 on tf1: matt damon cut during the editing!

“Ocean’s 8”, a breakout film with a four-star female cast, is broadcast “tonight on TF1. On this occasion, return to the missed cameo of Matt Damon.

In 2018, a female spin-off from the Ocean’s saga was born. Entitled Ocean’s 8, it is led by Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, who recruits a shock team to carry out the biggest heist of her life. The coveted booty is a river of diamonds worth $ 150 million lying around the neck of famous star Daphne Kluger …

Directed by Gary Ross, the film has a glamorous cast. Thus, alongside Bullock, we find Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna or even Helena Bonham Carter. Ocean’s 8 also benefits from the winking presence of stars of the trilogy with George Clooney, namely Elliott Gould, aka Reuben Tishkoff, and Shaobo Qin, aka Yen.

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The cameos of two other actors of the original saga, however, are cut in the editing: Carl Reiner (Saul Bloom) and Matt Damon (Linus Caldwell). In the case of the latter, it is difficult to know for what reason. Gary Ross told The Hollywood Reporter: “Choosing the cameos is an eclectic process of seeing if they fit into the story and if the story unfolds as it should.”

It would therefore be a purely narrative choice. But, for some, the absence of the interpreter of Jason Bourne could be explained because of the petition posted online at the end of 2017, seeking to counter his presence in the film at a time when he was immersed in the Harvey Weinstein affair. . The comedian had indeed made controversial comments about harassment.

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When it was released in June 2018, Ocean’s 8 achieved close to $ 300 million in worldwide revenue. A very satisfactory score considering its estimated budget of 70 million and showing how much the heist films with the four-star cast are still appreciated. Released in 2002, Ocean’s Eleven had grossed 451 million, Ocean’s Twelve (2004) 363 and Ocean’s 13 (2007) 312.

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