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“Take an oats”, “se pajer”, “chougner” … What exactly do these terms regularly used by the characters of “Kaamelott” correspond to? Discover our interview with Alexandre Astier …

While waiting for the release of Kaamelott – First part, in theaters as of tomorrow, return on the famous series of Alexandre Astier and on his so particular vocabulary. Either it’s about “take an oat”, to go “to sleep” or else from “chougner”, the Knights of the Round Table often have a way of expressing themselves.

Inspired by the excellent dictionary recently published by Stéphane Encel, Small crapahut in the speech of Kaamelott for the use of pegs and gratin – a book which lists all the expressions used in the series – we asked Alexandre Astier to comment on some of these formulas.

All the information on Stéphane Encel’s book …

(Re) discover the trailer for “Kaamelott – First part”, in theaters tomorrow …

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