Nurse Uses Epic Pavolovian Conditioning to Exact Revenge on His Rude Roommate

Roommates are sometimes the best addition to your life ever. Roommates are also sometimes the worst possible thing that you just have to get through.

A nurse recently shared that he lives with two other nurses. They all work 12-hour shifts, and they all understand what their work-life is like. Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, except for the fact that he and one roommate work 8 am-8 pm, but the third roommate works 8 pm-8 am. So that means this third roommate is usually up late at night, and it turns out that he likes to have loud Facebook video conversations with his friends and family while he’s awake.

It wouldn’t be too bad, except that he tends to have these conversations out in the common area… and everyone can hear what’s going on. All. Night. Long.

So the original nurse decided to “encourage” the third roommate to have his conversations in his room, where no one would be able to hear him. The method? A little old-school Pavlovian conditioning.

The nurse breaks down the dynamic: everyone has their own sound-proofed space, their bedrooms.

The common area is great for hanging out, but maybe not for having extended, loud conversations.

During the day, it’s all good. But the roommate doesn’t seem to understand that the other two nurses like to do what many of us also like to do at night: sleep.

They initially tried to be adults about it, but it seems that it didn’t really work in the longterm.

But then… divine intervention:

You can probably tell where this is going, but it’s still really satisfying to read along.

Can you imagine how patient this person must have had to be? Months and months of training!

But in the end, it was all worth it.

Have you ever had a terrible roommate? Tell us your worst roommate stories in the comments!



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