Notting Hill Carnival Goes Digital | Lifestyle

Notting Hill Carnival Goes Digital | Lifestyle

The Notting Hill Carnival can’t go on normally this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s canceled because the organizers are opting for the digital carnival. The events, which have already been filmed over the course of a month, will be broadcast free of charge throughout the August public holiday, including performances by pan steel, calypso, soca and mas groups and sets of sound systems such as Gaz’s Rockin Blues, King Tubby’s and Déchaîment.

Spotify will also launch a platform dedicated to Carnival, including playlists organized by numerous sound systems and DJs who participate in it and podcasts that explore topics such as the history of Carnival and the problems encountered by the black community. Carnival may not be on the streets this summer, but you can still party.

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Sat 29 – Mon 31 August 2020

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