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Are you a fan of “Doctor Quinn, Doctor Woman”? But are you really unbeatable on the series? Take the test to find out!

Rebroadcast many times on French television, Doctor Quinn, female doctor has become over time a cult series of the 90s. Even today, the program continues to attract a large audience.

Created by Beth Sullivan, the series follows the adventures of Michaela Quinn (Jane Seymour), a woman like no other.

In the mid-1800s in the American wild west, Michaela Quinn, also known as “Doctor Mike”, settled in the small town of Colorado Springs as a doctor, a profession rarely exercised by women at that time. A true feminist figure before her time, Michaela will then have to impose herself but above all fight against ambient sexism.

As she confronts this world of men, she will also have to put on the mother’s costume. Indeed, Michaela is quickly given custody of Matthew, Colleen and Brian upon the death of their mother.

Between her job and her new role as a parent, she will befriend Byron Sully (Joe Lando), a mountain man and friend of the Cheyenne Indians who will prove to be the great love of her life. A love story that had fascinated the viewers of the time.

You are an unconditional fan of the series and Doctor Quinn, female doctor and the series has no secrets for you? Take the test to find out if you are really unbeatable.

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