In west Belfast on Wednesday, rioters line called “peace line” dividing the Unionist usually set aside for important national and international gateway to close at a wrestling game.
The football blaze Lanark nearby Shankill road basal police said. and photos I see slaughter on both sides of the gate showed breadth of throwing projectiles and bombs film.

In a statement, Ireland, the Taoiseach Michael Martin violence and condemned “the attacks at the officials,” and adding “only way forward is to address questions about the democratic and peaceful means”.

“Now is the time for fear of the beginning of the two leaders, and to work together on all sides to defuse tensions and restore calm,” Martin said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said He was “a very tragic violence” in Northern Ireland.

“When the goal is to have conversations differences is no violence or crime,” said Smith football alcohol.

Tensions are growing in Northern Ireland from Britain and the European Union had voted to leave the creative potential of the boundary between Britain and the Irish Republican governor of the north and the south, which remains the EU. And it seems that it would end after the 1998 peace as a key element in going after sectarian violence for three decades.
Northern Ireland under Brexi protocol of the withdrawal agreement, a de facto border created in the Irish Sea from mainland Britain and Northern Ireland subject to EU goods entering checks, a move which angered unionists, who accused London abandoning them.
Speaking to CNN, the Democratic Unionist party at the image Wilson said Johnson dawn tear up the agreement in Britain, tear it out and keep it breaks up all the promises of your own people in Northern Ireland. “
Last month, the good Community Council (LCC), a group sponsored paramilitaries Unionist he does not shrink its support for the Good Friday Agreement which ended the Troubles.

While the LCC peaceful, would be different if the group did not rejoin the letter said, “until we are in our right to contract out and restored (Brexia) unfettered access protocol to be amended to ensure goods and services people in Britain.”

LCC President David Campbell, said recently, “it’s easy for things outside of the coil and control, which is essential for dialogue to take place.”

I am writing on Twitter the late of Mercury, Mary Lamb of McDonald’s, and Ireland, the legislator and the leader of Sinn Fein, he said, “is a word that came to a halt to all violence, and to effect the restoration of the kingdom will cease to alone, it makes one pleasing from all political leaders. A charge and at the threat of it is necessary that the end of the” .

James Robertson and Nie GRIFFITHS attention CNN’s opinion.

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