NOPE: why should we see Jordan Peele’s masterpiece in IMAX? – Cinema news

NOPE, Jordan Peele’s 3rd film promises to be the nice surprise of the summer. Book your IMAX tickets now to live a unique cinema experience, in the best possible conditions.

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A desert valley in California becomes the scene of strange phenomena. After get-out and Us, Jordan Peele is back with NOPEan essential film, to see absolutely in IMAX… Here is why.

Nope: why should we see jordan peele's masterpiece in imax? - cinema news
2022 Universal Studios

A film shot in IMAX!

Jordan Peele offers a return with great fanfare with NOPE, a UFO film oscillating between western, science fiction, horror and social satire, to be discovered in theaters since August 10. If he is the event of the summer, it is quite simply because the latest film by the new master of the genre is the very first horror film to have been shot with IMAX cameras, in the iconic 65 format. mm and 15 perforations, thus making it enter a very restricted circle.

After receiving the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Get Out in 2018, the filmmaker is once again pushing his limits, this time choosing to shoot on IMAX film. “IMAX really is the best way to see this movie. If the audience has to look at a flying saucer, I want them to look up, to feel what the characters are feeling. With IMAX, you don’t just watch a film, you exist in it…”

If you want to experience NOPE in the way that Jordan Peele wanted, the IMAX theater is a must. A massively larger screen, unique image precision, etc. Everything is done to immerse us in the heart of the action.

A spectacular image in IMAX format

In order to portray NOPE and transpose the director’s vision to the screen, Hoyte van Hoytema, director of photography for Interstellar, Specter or even Tenet, has taken full advantage of the potential offered by IMAX cameras. The rendering on the screen is breathtaking thanks to the definition and the infinite color palette.

Nope: why should we see jordan peele's masterpiece in imax? - cinema news
2022 Universal Studios

The IMAX extended ratio of 1.90:1 therefore offers more image, and thus allows to capture the magnitude of the most stunning scenes. Only IMAX can really grab the viewer in the face of an apocalyptic cloud that moves heaven and earth, or during the ride of a stallion at triple gallop, in a breathtaking aerial shot…

A soundtrack sublimated by IMAX

Wherever you sit in the room, the vibrant sound of the IMAX system lets you feel the desert breeze as well as the hustle and bustle of more intense scenes, all with surgical precision.

Michael Abels, already a composer for Get Out and Us, is collaborating once again with the filmmaker. And whether it’s to hear a melody whistle reminiscent of the greatest hours of the western, or an ultra-epic orchestral composition, the perfectly precise and calibrated sound of IMAX offers an incomparable auditory thrill. Each IMAX film benefits from a complete remastering under the direction of the director, in order to best respect his vision… and his ear!

So, ready to get carried away by the action and tension of NOPE in IMAX? To learn more about IMAX technology, it’s this way !

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Gaumont Montpellier Multiplex

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