Nope: what is that mysterious shoe in Jordan Peele’s movie? – Cinema news

It’s the first shot of “Nope”, and without doubt one of the most intriguing of Jordan Peele’s film: this shoe that stands up on its own. How should it be interpreted? – SPOILER WARNING!!!

WARNING – The article below contains spoilers, insofar as it returns to one of the most striking scenes of “Nope”. So please move on if you haven’t seen it yet, to better keep the surprise intact.

Released this Wednesday, August 10 in our theaters, Boop no shortage of striking images, thanks to the combined talents of Jordan Peele and the chief operator Hoyte VanHoytema (Dunkirk, tenet). But the very first, the one that opens the film after a few dialogues heard during the beginning of the credits, stands out as one of the most memorable. And intriguing.

Perhaps because she comes back several times in the story, and finally finds no explanation. It’s about this blood-stained shoe, standing on its own amidst the mayhem caused by a chimpanzee on the set of the sitcom “Gordy and Company”.

And that we see again, in flashback, when Ricky ‘Jupe’ Park (steven yeun) thinks back to this scene he experienced when he was part of the cast of the series. Then in the memories he has collected in a room that looks like a mausoleum, and which he charges the visit to the customers of his theme park, where the mysterious unidentified flying object serves as the highlight of the show.

Nope: what is that mysterious shoe in jordan peele's movie? - cinema news
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The most intriguing plan of “Nope”

Like the origin of the creature and what brought it to Earth, Jordan Peele will never explain the why and how of this shoe. On screen and in interview: “Don’t count on me to explain it”he answers us before specifying that, for him, Nope speaks of the addiction of the human being for the spectacle.

What we feel especially when we are told that the carnage of “Gordy and Company” was the subject of a caricature on the cover of the magazine “Mad”, or a hilarious sketch from Saturday Night Live, which accentuated the way Ricky reinvents history. But there’s no explanation for the shoe…because it’s not supposed to have one. This is what OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) calls a “bad miracle”during a discussion with his sister Emerald (Keke Palmer): an event a priori impossible and which defies all understanding, without the exhilarating side of the miracle as it is positively represented.

The standing shoe comes off as an evil miracle, similar to the flying saucer which turns out to be an alien creature and threatens the heroes’ farm. The two are not directly related, but have in common the character of Ricky. Because it is through his eyes that the object is seen during the Gordy-related incident. And the fact of looking at the so-called ship leads him to his loss, in a feature film where the look plays a central role.


In addition to our addiction to the spectacle, Jordan Peele also points to this need to see everything and know everything, to explain everything, without leaving room for mystery and the interpretation that everyone makes of it. But in a way that questions that need, showing the doom awaiting anyone who wanted to see the creature up close, when avoiding eye contact can save life.

Wanting to give meaning to this evil miracle that was the shoe that remained standing, which he then kept like a trophy in this same position, Ricky imagined himself as the Chosen One, capable of taming a creature from elsewhere to the needs of his show, where the bleachers have the shape of a horseshoe. who says to himself “horse shoes”that is “horse shoe”in English.

Given the fate he has in store for him, Jordan Peele seems to be questioning our desire to seek an explanation for this type of phenomenon… while deliberately leaving a few questions without an explicit answer, so that everyone can see what speaks to them the most. .

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