Noémie in Here everything begins: “We are going to witness the birth of a warrior” promises Lucia Passaniti

Left for dead Friday, Noémie is at the heart of the first plot of “Here everything begins”. Her interpreter, Lucia Passaniti, told us about this “magnificent role”, her passion for cooking, and the pace of filming a soap opera like this one.

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AlloCiné: What did you like about the project and about the character of Noémie when you were casting Here it all started a little earlier this year?

Lucia Passaniti : What is very funny is that the year I discovered the theater and when I understood that I wanted to do that with my life, just before I found a school that was going to take me and that allowed to work alternately in a restaurant. Because I wanted to become a chef. So I had to choose between these two very different paths at that age. But cooking is and remains a real passion for me. I love to cook, and I really do a lot of baking (laughs). So it’s rather funny that I find myself in a series like Here everything begins, which takes place in the world of cooking. I told myself that it was written and that it had to be done. Especially since there aren’t that many series about cooking.

And then Noémie is a magnificent role, there are a lot of things to defend with this character. I can’t say too much but it’s a role that tells a lot. Very strong themes, and I think it’s really important to talk about that on television, during prime time. And, of course, I liked arriving on a project that was about to be launched. Being at the base of a project is great.

Did you know from the casting that Here It All Begins was a spin-off of Tomorrow Belongs to Us?

Yes it was labeled “DNA spin-off”, but that’s it. It was very fuzzy at the time, and I found out pretty late what the show really was. There was a lot of confidentiality around the project, but that’s to be expected. The project had not yet been formalized by TF1. Everything was done in the greatest secrecy.

Have you ever watched Tomorrow Belongs to Us before you stared in Here It All Begins?

I knew the series like everyone else but I had never followed it on a regular basis, because it’s difficult to follow a soap opera every day when we do our job. But I know actors who play in it so it was a little bit familiar to me.

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We know that a daily soap opera like this is shot at a pretty intense pace. What first assessment do you draw after a few months of filming?

It’s very intense (laughs). The pace of the shoot is pretty crazy. At first we say to ourselves “Wow. Ok. Are we going to experience this? Very well” (laughs). But it’s awesome. And I think that afterwards, arriving on any other shoot, we are incredibly efficient. But an adventure like the one Here it all begins is demanding, of course. We must arrive on the plateau having worked a lot upstream, because we turn quickly. You have to know your text inside out. But the directors still give us time to really play. And we are lucky to have a coach who is great and with whom we work a lot upstream. It really allows us to flourish.

The intrigue of Noémie had been started in Tomorrow belongs to us a few weeks before the launch of Here everything begins. What can you tease about what awaits your character during the first episodes of this new series?

For Noémie it is the beginning of the descent into hell. But we are also going to witness the birth of a warrior. Noémie is going to fight and will do more than she ever thought she was doing. Its past and its secret will be at the center of the first narrative arch.

Jean-Philippe Baltel / CAPAPI

Did you hesitate to embark on this adventure? Were you afraid of locking yourself into a role by agreeing to play in a daily soap opera?

Of course, this kind of adventure is dizzying. But in this profession we do not project ourselves much. One year seems like a lot, and at the same time we rarely have the opportunity to work on a role over time. And then we know that other projects can result from this adventure so it is necessarily positive.

The cast of Here It All Begins is impressive. How does it feel to tour with Francis Huster?

It’s funny because there are actors that we watch on television or in the movies, and we say to ourselves “I would love to play with him one day”. And finally it happens. And we’re like “Wow, I’m not ready” (laughs). There is a form of pressure! And at the same time Francis Huster is such a generous person, who wants to transmit and play with young actors. The pressure is there, but we really have the impression of being with a teacher who constantly pushes us to give the best of ourselves. It’s great to work with him. And in addition it is very accessible. But we’re very lucky, all the actors we play with are great. I think this is the start of a great adventure.

Interview on September 28, 2020 on the set of Here it all begins in Saint-Laurent-d’Aigouze.

The trailer for the next episodes of Here It All Begins:

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