Nocturne and Evil Eye on Amazon: two horror films from the producers of Get Out and Paranormal Activity – teller report

As of October 13, the Amazon Prime Video platform is uploading two unreleased Blumhouse films, “Nocturne” and “Evil Eye”, for lovers of thrillers and thrills.


New films from the anthology horror film salvo Welcome to the Blumhouse, Evil Eye of Elan Dassani and Rajeev Dassani and Nocturnal by Zu Quirke are available this October 13 on Amazon Prime Video. Find the previous two (The Lie and Black box) in our previous article.

Evil Eye

Writers and producers of the fantastic series Jinn, available on Netflix, after working in the special effects department (on Justified and Scandal in particular), Elan and Rajeev Dassani sign their first feature film produced as a duo. Or Evil Eye, the story of a superstitious mother convinced that her daughter’s new companion is in fact the reincarnation of the man who had tried to kill her thirty years before. A story all in ambiguity, carried by Sarita Choudhury (Egeria in the last Hunger Games), Omar Maskati (Unbelievable) and Sunita Mani, one of the wrestlers of GLOW.

On screen, the feature film plays more the card of the drama than that of the fantastic and puts in parallel the Indian culture of the characters with the American society of today: “Evil Eye talks about the status of women and how, despite various feminist movements like #MeToo, we still have to fight as women in today’s world and in some cultures”, explains Sarita Choudhury. “In fact, it’s really a film about women’s freedom and not just a thriller and a horror story, of possession.” “Evil Eye represents the eternal love between a mother and her daughter. I believe that, whatever the culture, we always find the same passionate love”, adds Omar Maskati. “It is also a look at the notion of reincarnation and karma. These are themes that are often found in our society.” Specializing in genre productions, Blumhouse could therefore surprise you.


Like the majority of films in the anthology Welcome to the Blumhouse, Nocturne is a first film. Previously, the British director Zu Quirke had directed three short films including a horror (Tiny Bible) and one centered on a musician (Ghosting). His Nocturnal mixes the same themes as these two shorts to tell the rivalry between the twin sisters within the prestigious Juilliard music school in New York. One of the two (Sydney Sweeney from Euphoria) will come across a diary full of occult and satanic references, which will allow her to become the star of the school. The other sister is played by Madison Iseman (Jumanji).

The cinematographer plays with the colors, which only come to highlight the moments when Juliet (Sweeney) gets closer to her dream, and the rest of the time, the feature chooses to opt for a deliberately dull image. Nocturnal explore what obsession can lead to, but is more than that: “I think every good horror movie has to say something and not just scare its audience”, says director Zu Quirke. “It’s a film that shows what you go through when you’re a young person and trying to find your place in society. More than ever I think it’s difficult for our young people to grow up in this world that puts so much pressure on you “. This pressure that weighs on the main character will push her towards a descent into hell, the details of which we will not mention but which are the attraction of this Nocturnal, which rises crescendo until a resolution which will make everyone “agree”.

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