(no) Spoil: is it REALLY scary, the Found Footage? We are talking about it ! – Cinema news

Every Tuesday, it’s time for (No) Spoil on LeStream. Around Menraw, experts from Rédac’ AlloCiné and the Twitch and Youtube scene decipher the latest film/series news. On the program this week: found footage and 25 years of Titanic.


“They disappeared during filming, discover the images that were found”. Here is a summary, roughly, of the DNA of found footage, a subgenre initiated by Cannibal Holocaust, brought up to date by Blair Witch, [REC] and Paranormal Activity, and regularly declined by horror cinema since 1980.

On the occasion of Cloverfield’s 15th anniversary (already!), Team (no) Spoil looks back on the art of found footage, its codes, its successes, its failures, its essentials. Without forgetting, of course, the news, cinema releases and streaming news, the surprise quiz and a debate on Titanic on the occasion of its return to theaters. Our chroniclers subsequently disappeared, here are the images that were found from this live…

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The (No) Spoil team on set

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(No) Spoil (formerly AlloCiné the show) has established itself every Tuesday as the platform’s essential cinema/series format: news, debates, guests, quizzes and outings log… Everything you need to go around what makes the news on the big and small screen. A show that does not spoil… or almost.

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