No remorse on Amazon Prime Video: what are the best adaptations of Tom Clancy?  - Cinema News

No remorse on Amazon Prime Video: what are the best adaptations of Tom Clancy? – Cinema News

On the occasion of the release of the film “Sans No Remords” on Amazon Prime Video, find the ranking of the best adaptations of Tom Clancy’s novels, in cinema and on television!

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While the adaptation of the novel by Tom Clancy Without Any Remorse with Michael B. Jordan arrives on Amazon Prime Video, discover which were the best transpositions on the screen of the works of the American author, creator in particular of the famous Jack Ryan!

5 / The Ryan Initiative

Original story inspired by the universe of Jack Ryan, The Ryan Initiative was conceived as a prequel revealing the origins of the famous character. Incarnated in this version by Chris Pine, Jack Ryan appears there as a young recently graduated CIA analyst, soon confronted with a terrorist organization.

The Ryan Initiative did not meet the expected success, mainly for its scenario considered too messy; Originally conceived as a simple spy film, the feature film was reworked to feature Jack Ryan at the request of Paramount studios.

Despite a fairly decent box office score ($ 135 million in revenue for an initial budget of $ 60 million), The Ryan Iniative failed to provide the franchise with the much hoped for new impetus.

4 / The Sum of All Fears

For his third incarnation in the cinema, Jack Ryan returns to us in a more rhythmic action film, in the guise of Ben Affleck. Then young hope of the cinema, status reinforced by the success the previous year of Pearl Harbor, the latter gives us a rather convincing performance.

Despite its freedoms with the original novel, The Sum of All Fears was a success with nearly $ 200 million raised worldwide. No sequel project was however started, since the career of Ben Affleck then suffered setbacks following several box-office flops (Daredevil, Troubled Love, Father and Daughter …).

3 / Jack Ryan

To date, the only series inspired by the books of Tom Clancy, Jack Ryan is not an adaptation of a novel by the American author but an original work; as in The Ryan Initive, this televised version explores the originists of the famous character in a modern and geopolitical world.

Fifth incarnation of Jack Ryan on the screen, John Krasinski delivers a performance intended to be closest to the essence of the character; although of military training, Ryan is not a man of the field in the true sense of the term, and it is above all for his intelligence and his knowledge of terrorist networks that he is most effective.

Success from its launch on Amazon Prime Video in August 2018, the series has been renewed for a third season.

2 / War games and Immediate danger

The only actor to have played Jack Ryan twice in the cinema, Harrison Ford was the main star of the films War Games and Immediate Danger in the early 90s. At the height of his popularity, the actor thus offered a new start to the franchise initiated a few years earlier.

These two opus are indeed the direct continuation of the film In the pursuit of Red October by John McTiernan. In this feature film, Jack Ryan was then played by Alec Baldwin; the latter, however, did not re-emerge in the role due to heated negotiations with Paramount.

While the studio suggests that it is the salary requirements of the actor that derailed the deal, the latter accuses the company of having led him to replace him with a more bankable actor at the box office.

1 / In pursuit of Red October

Very first adaptation of a novel by Tom Clancy at the cinema, Hunting for Red October was carried out by the action specialist John McTiernan. This submarine race against time is the perfect combination of a clever and breathtaking storyline, and an excellent cast: Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan, and Sean Connery as Soviet captain Marko Ramius.

Besides his impressive gallery of supporting roles (Scott Glenn, Sam Neill, James Earl Jones …), Hunting for Red October was also able to benefit from an exceptional soundtrack by composer Basil Poledouris (Conan the barbarian, Starship Troopers…).

Otherwise, Hunting for Red October is the only part of the Jack Ryan cycle to have won an Oscar; nominated three times in 1991, the film was indeed awarded the statuette for Best Sound Editing.

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