Nintendo Switch OLED model pre-orders start today

Nintendo switch oled model white


  • The Nintendo Switch OLED model will see its first pre-order round today starting at 3:00 PM ET.
  • You’ll receive the device on or around October 8, 2021, and it will cost you $350.
  • It will likely be very difficult to nab a pre-order as supply is probably limited.

If you’re looking to grab the latest in Nintendo Switch hardware, today’s the big day. Although we didn’t have much advance warning on the matter, Nintendo announced that pre-orders for the newest Switch start today, July 15, at 3:00 PM ET.

Pre-orders made today will be for the October 8 launch. If you successfully pre-order, you should receive your Switch on or around that date.

Of course, there’s a big “if” there. Judging from the 2020 launches of the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X, it will likely be very difficult to nab a Nintendo Switch OLED model pre-order. Demand is likely to be lower for this than those next-gen consoles, but the Nintendo Switch is still insanely popular. It’s not out of the question to assume the OLED model will be one of the most sought-after items of this holiday season.

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