Which Nintendo Switch should you buy this Black Friday?

The original switch next to the Switch OLED.
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Believe it or not, the Nintendo Switch is already almost seven years old. Although a brand new Nintendo console may be coming soon, Nintendo isn’t pulling support on its systems in 2024. We already know we’re getting games like Princess Peach: Showtime! And mario vs donkey kong With the HD re-release of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door And Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, So if you don’t already have a Switch, now’s a good time to join in.

Of course, Black Friday is the perfect time to buy a new console. This year’s sales event brings some new deals on Nintendo’s hybrid system, thanks to some strong bundles. There are several options to choose from, including three different Switch models. So, which Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal should you buy?

Original, OLED, or Lite?

The Nintendo Switch is divided into three models. There’s a standard Switch that typically sells for $300, an OLED model that comes with a much better screen for $50 more, and a Lite model that’s only $200 but can’t be connected to a TV. Nintendo hasn’t cut the price of any of them, but it has put some of them into bundles that will potentially save you some money in the long run.

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This year’s big new deal is a special Nintendo Switch OLED bundle that includes super smash bros ultimate For $350. The fighting game is one of the Switch’s proprietary multiplayer titles, so it may be something you’ll purchase separately at some point. The system included is also a special edition, which includes Joy-Con controllers that feature the Smash Bros. logo. Additionally, the package comes with three free months of Nintendo Switch Online. Overall, if you buy everything included in the line, you’ll save about $70 in the long run.

If you plan to use your Switch as a home console rather than a portable, you won’t get much benefit from the OLED’s better screen or better kickstand. In that case, you may want to look for an exclusive deal on the base Switch model this year. For $300, you can get a bundle that includes three months of Nintendo Switch Online and mario kart 8 deluxe, Like super smash bros ultimate, mario kart 8 deluxe It must be adopted – and now is the right time to do so. Nintendo has released its final content drop for the game, giving it even more characters and tracks. That’s another savings of $70 here, although the console itself is not a special edition.

As far as the Switch Lite is concerned, Nintendo hasn’t dropped any new deals this year. That said, at $200 it’s still the cheapest version of the console. This is the ideal model for parents who want to get a Switch for their little ones. It’s small, light, and you won’t feel that much pain if it breaks. Also, it is a good option for casual players who are not planning to connect it to a TV. This is the kind of model you might buy for your dad as a technological curiosity.

If you still need help, there is only one option I would personally recommend this year.

Best deal: Switch to OLED with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Although the Switch OLED bundle may be the most expensive option, it’s also the best. The updated OLED screen is much better than the standard Switch, although you won’t be able to see how big of a change it is until you look at them side by side. If you plan on playing handheld, you’ll be grateful you paid a little extra for the brighter, larger screen. as well as, super smash bros ultimate is a great fighting game packed with both single and multiplayer modes. The fact that the system has a special edition design is just icing on the cake.

Still, you really can’t go wrong with either model. Each has its own specific use case, depending on how much you plan to use it as a home console and how serious a gamer the person you’re buying it is. There’s a good case to be made for buying a Switch Lite this deep into the system’s lifespan because a brand new Nintendo system could be coming out this time next year.

And if you’re looking for some great games to fill out your library, now is the time to stock up too. You can currently get great deals on great deals like Switch Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope (for only $15), super mario odyssey, kirby and the forgotten landand ‘ 2021 Game of the Year winners metroid fear, That’s barely scratching the surface of what you’ll be playing on your Nintendo Switch.

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