Nintendo Announces Promotions Surrounding the Anniversary of Super Mario Bros

Nintendo Announces Promotions Surrounding the Anniversary of Super Mario Bros

2020 makes the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., the game that helped bring the famous Mario character to the forefront of video gaming. Nintendo will be completing multiple releases and reissues this coming year to celebrate the anniversary. There are a few other major plans for the character coming in 2020, as Nintendo continues to make its intellectual property more visible to the masses.

Nintendo is also planning some theme park-related activities surrounding the Mario universe. The moves were announced online by Nintendo as part of a program that was once to occur at the E3 conference this summer.

Anniversary of Super Mario Bros
Anniversary of Super Mario Bros

Reissues For Switch

The first big move for Nintendo will be to reissue remastered editions of games in the Mario series for the Nintendo Switch console. Most of the games in the series will be available with full remasters. These include such games as 1992’s Super Mario World, 1997’s Super Mario 64, and 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy. Some ports of games that were released on handheld devices like the Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, and Nintendo DS are expected to be made available in the future.

New Games For Release

A few new games will also be released in 2020. A new part of the Paper Mario series will be released later in the year. The Paper Mario series is an RPG-focused version of the game.

A special edition of the 2013 game Super Mario 3D World will also appear in stores in 2020. It is unclear as to what this version of the game would feature.

Other Things of Note

There are many additional plans for the Mario franchise in 2020. Nintendo has been working with Nintendo to plan a few things, including a few Super Mario World theme park attractions at one of Universal’s parks. There are also plans to produce an animated Mario film, although details on that film are unknown.

Nintendo is also planning a new set from the Lego toy company. The interactive Lego set will feature various Mario-related figures and designs. The layout is also interactive, as it entails people constructing many real-life levels with the goal of collecting as many coins as possible.

Video game

The moves from Nintendo have been part of an ongoing effort from the video game mainstay to expand its reach. While Nintendo has focused on video games and consoles over the years, it has made its intellectual property more accessible over the years. Brands such as Levis have introduced some Nintendo-oriented clothing lines featuring many of the company’s characters. There have also been plans to open a Mario-oriented portion of Universal Studios Japan in Tokyo.

Nintendo will be planning many other things for its franchises in the future, although there are no confirmed details at the moment over what Nintendo will be doing. There had been rumors about possible movies involving the Legend of Zelda and Metroid series of games, although those have only been rumors at the moment. The growth of Nintendo’s footprint on culture will still be something for fans of the video game giant to watch.

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