Nine Meufs trailer on CANAL +: the heroines of Emma de Caunes unveil themselves – news series on tv

Emma de Caunes’ first series based on her short film “Violette” with Mademoiselle Agnès, “Neuf Meufs” arrives on February 15 on CANAL +. Discover the first images of this funny and touching Décalée Creation, worn by a star-studded cast.

Nine Meufs, from February 15 on CANAL + and myCANAL.

Between the public and the CANAL + Décalées Creations, it’s a love story that has lasted for many months. The label thanks to which we were able to discover L’Effondrement, Calls and recently Narvalo is launching Neuf Meufs from February 15th. This very first series produced by Emma de Caunes offers us 9 stolen moments in the lives of 9 women of different ages who all live in the same building, without knowing each other or having already crossed paths. Their names are Sylvia, Charlie, Lola, Anna, Violette, Yumi, Framboise, Agathe and Zoé, they are mothers or daughters, single or in a couple, independent or a little too tidy, in short, they have nothing in common except having to face their desires. Singular portraits, but in which each of us can find oneself, and which are now revealed in the trailer.

50 seconds is the time we have to take a look at Emma de Caunes’ Nine Chicks! The first images of the new Décalée CANAL + Creation indeed emphasize the original and rhythmic concept of the series: 9 episodes of 10 minutes each recounting a particular moment in a woman’s life. If we recognize Aïssa Maïga, Camille Rutherford, Solène Rigot, Sarah Suco, Mademoiselle Agnès, the Japanese dancer and choreographer Kaori Ito, Marie Bunel, Jeanne Rosa and Faustine Koziel behind the features of the heroines, we also see some male actors like François Berléand, Charlie Dupont or Philippe Katerine. To meet them, it’s on CANAL + and myCANAL from February 15th!

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