Nina on France 2: why is the Covid epidemic not addressed in season 6? – News Series on TV

“Nina” returns this evening on France 2 for a final season rich in twists and turns. But unlike “Grey’s Anatomy” or “The Resident”, the medical series with Annelise Hesme does not deal with the Covid-19 epidemic. We explain why.

After a little more than six years of good and loyal service on France 2, Nina is preparing to hang up the blouse for good. The series led by Annelise Hesme, Thomas Jouannet, and Grégoire Bonnet indeed returns this evening at 9:05 pm for a sixth and final season.

A final batch shorter than the previous ones, which will confront our favorite nurse with several fights, including the imminent closure of the Madeleine-Brès hospital and the illness of a loved one. But who will not deal with the Covid-19 epidemic, unlike current American medical series, such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident, or Good Doctor, which this season have all addressed across the Atlantic the pandemic that has been shaking the planet for now more than a year.

And this absence of reference to the coronavirus within the intrigues of Nina is explained in a very simple way: the six episodes which constitute this final season were filmed in the fall of 2019, that is to say several months before the start of the epidemic. of Covid. Season 6 therefore remained a year and a half in the cupboards of France 2, for a reason that is unknown, and thus seems out of step with the news, while it is not wanted.

“We shot it a year and a half ago so we weren’t able to integrate the Covid into the stories”, explains Annelise Hesme in an interview with Télé Star. “I guess otherwise it would have been inevitable. But at the time, we didn’t expect this horror to fall on our heads.”.

Despite everything, for the star of the series, Nina still remains in phase with the problems of the hospital world: “I think the themes they raise, such as sexual harassment or the lack of money in the hospital, fit well with what is happening now. The caregivers with whom we designed this series have told us. ‘moreover alerted from the start on the lack of consideration that they were shown and their desire to exercise their profession in better conditions “.

And even if the few episodes give the impression that a few intrigues have been dispatched, this season 6 should delight fans of the first hour because it offers a nice conclusion to the adventures of Nina Auber and her colleagues at the Madeleine hospital -Brès.

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