Nina on France 2: what awaits you in the sixth and final season - News Séries on TV

Nina on France 2: what awaits you in the sixth and final season – News Séries on TV

The medical series “Nina” returns this evening on France 2 for a season 6 which will serve as a conclusion to the adventures of the nurse played by Annelise Hesme. With the closing of the hospital, a pregnancy, and new tragedies.

A year and a half after the broadcast of season 5 on France 2, Nina, the medical series worn by Annelise Hesme, returns this evening for a new season 6 … which will be the last. The opportunity for fans to say goodbye to Léo, Costa, Proust, Dorothée and the others through a final batch rich in emotion and twists. As the backdrop, hospital staff face a major upheaval that will change everything.

The closure of the hospital in the center of season 6

Following the hostage-taking of a desperate and helpless father in the face of his son’s illness, which occurred in the finale of season 5, the team of the internal medicine department of the Madeleine-Brès hospital heals his wounds and is trying in particular to recover from the death of Kevin (Clément Moreau) when this final season begins.

A difficult start to the season for Nina’s heroes to which is added the imminent closure of the hospital, which will punctuate these last episodes, while each will take care of their last patients and make decisive career choices for the future . “It was a little wink that we gave to ourselves. We ‘close’ the series and we close the hospital”, told us in 2019 the creator of the series, Alain Robillard.

“And at the same time we close everyone’s stories a bit because we have told about all the crises that this service has gone through. This is the end and everyone is going to move on to something else. And then we also wanted to to tell about what a service that closes. For the people who work there, for the patients. How the staff are dealing with this crisis. How Proust is going to steer the boat when everyone is leaving. ” It was a great source of inspiration and situations “.

Caroline Dubois / FTV / Newen

A season that focuses more than ever on the personal lives of heroes

If Nina, like any good self-respecting medical soap, has always mixed intimate and romantic stories of characters and more or less thorny medical cases, this last season leaves much more room for the private life of Nina, Dorothée (Alix Bénézech), Léo (Nina Melo), or Proust (Grégoire Bonnet).

And while the latter could finally taste the great love, and that Dorothée will have to make an important decision following the sexual harassment of which she was the victim from Melville, the director of the hospital, the heroine camped by Annelise Hesme will , she, to be entitled to a big surprise in these new episodes.

Indeed, Nina learns that she is pregnant with Hugo (Amaury de Crayencour). A news that delights her until several shadows darken the picture. Hugo discovers that he is ill. And Nina has to deal with a complicated pregnancy, which could well put her own life in danger. Will she still go to the end and become a mother again? Response at the end of the season.

“We said to ourselves that as we finished the series, we wanted to pull the threads that we had deposited from the beginning on the character of Nina and to complete the story”, explained Alain Robillard at the time of the broadcast of the finale of season 5. “The story between Nina and Costa, between Nina and Hugo. To see where this whole journey had taken her, and where it had taken the others. Including Proust. We are really more focused on the private lives of the characters, even if we have some really amazing medical cases “.

“And, singularly, the very last episode of season 6 is only about the main characters of the series. There are no guests in the last episode. We only follow this group and these characters that we know so well. “. A final which nicely concludes the series, even if we feel that the order of only six episodes by France 2 has forced the authors to condense certain intrigues. Which is still a bit of a shame.

Caroline Dubois / FTV / Newen

A nice selection of guests to end the series in style

It’s become a habit since the launch of Nina in 2015: each season welcomes its share of guests over the episodes.

And this is still the case this year since, among the guests of this season 6, viewers will find Anny Duperey, Mélanie Maudran (Un Si Grand Soleil), Axel Auriant (Skam France), Jean-Charles Chagachbanian (Plus belle la vie ), Carole Bianic (Cherif), and three comedians from Tomorrow belongs to us: Samy Gharbi, Samira Lachhab, and Lorie Pester.

Without forgetting Frédérique Bel and Benjamin Baroche (Here everything begins), who resume their roles of Rita and Vic, two patients already crossed during season 2 of Nina. Finally, this final batch also welcomes a new intern in the guise of Louis Duneton (La Faute à Rousseau), who appears in two episodes. As if to signify a passing of the baton between the generations, despite the closure of the hospital.

The entire season 6 of Nina is already available on the Salto streaming platform.

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