With A Little Magic & Zillion Lights, This Night Walk Experience In Canada Will Blow Your Mind

vancouver in british columbia This is a place that every adventurer loves! Heading north, Whistler is a nature paradise, surrounded by wilderness while enjoying the best of Canada’s alpine. But Whistler’s attractions aren’t limited to adventures like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, tobogganing and ski jumping at Olympic Park.

This summer, Whistler is going to be in full swing as night falls, and it will showcase the place in a completely different light. Night Cruise at Wailea Lumina in Whistler It will provide remarkable multimedia experience and brighten up the old forest path, turning it into a fascinating attraction.

While tourists enjoy hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, horse riding and zip lining during the day, the night will be a completely different story in Valea Lumina. Whistler’s Night will be lit up like never before and all of the forest’s trails will lead visitors into a world of light.

People enjoying a night walk in WhistorPeople enjoying a night walk in Whistor

,Valia Lumina is only in pitch black, and it is completely family friendly,Mentions Joey Housien, founder of The Adventure Group (TAG), which has organized the event in collaboration with Montreal’s Moment Factory.

,It’s about bringing the forest to life and showing people what’s right in front of them with a little bit of magic and technology and thousands of lights and speakers that make the forest a little bit magical,Joey says.

Valea means valley in Italian, and lumina means light. Night walks start from 18th July and continue till mid-October. The start time of the light and multimedia show will depend entirely on sunset. At present, it is 10:30 pm.

How will Valia Lumina work?

Map of night walks in WhistorMap of night walks in Whistor

1. A shuttle bus will transport passengers stopping at designated locations in Whistler Village. This route runs 8 km north of TAG’s basecamp near Cougar Mountain. Visitors will be treated to a glimpse of the lighting and effects as soon as they step onto the bus.

2. Once reaching the ranger camp, which is the starting point, visitors are told the story of two missing travelers and follow a 1.5 km path that leads to a dream world in the forest. The path through the forest is filled with Coast Mountain wonderland, with Douglas fir trees visible all around. The hologram-like images imprinted on the giant cedars look magical.

People enjoying a night walk in WhistorPeople enjoying a night walk in Whistor

3. The world of yellow and orange lanterns is so powerful that it takes the visitors into a dream world, imagining the unreal. As the surrounding objects take on the shape of the original objects due to light changes, a phenomenon called the Northern Lights occurs, scattering pink, blue, green and violet colors. The folky acoustic guitar scene with drum-heavy beats is so stunning that one is forced to think about the effort that went into creating this setting.

Lumina by The Moment Factory is already operating in various locations in Quebec, Ontario, Japan and Singapore. The multimedia-entertainment company is revered for its compelling set-up and unique way of storytelling with theatre, music and technology. There are plenty of outdoor activities offered by adventure groups in summer as well as winter.

,The synergy between TAG and Moment Factory helped expedite the project, having met with the French-Canadian team over sushi and sake in Whistler the previous day,says Housyan, who majored in environmental studies and geography.

People enjoying a night walk in WhistorPeople enjoying a night walk in Whistor

,I believe in sustainable business and all its connectivity.” Houssian says, “For Valea Lumina, I wanted to convey a message of unity and interconnectedness, that humans are not separate from nature but are part of it. And if you look carefully, there is a lot of magic in nature.,

Total time required for self-guided: 50 to 75 minutes (there are some stairs for thrill seekers)
entrance fees: $29 for adults, and $24 for children (5 years and older)

Find out more about Valia Lumina Here,


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