Nightlife In Debrecen: 10 Glamorous Places To Party Till You Drop!


Debrecen in Hungary has a lot to offer. From tourist attractions to cuisine and nightlife, Debrecen has it all. The place is full of excitement and some of the areas in the city center offer the best Nightlife in DebrecenHungary.

So, if you are out If you are partying in Debrecen, you will not face any difficulties as the city is bustling with nightlife scene. There are plenty of bars and pubs in both the city center and the university area. The trendy atmosphere, delicious food and refreshing beverages overall make Debrecen nightlife enjoyable.

10 places to enjoy nightlife in Debrecen

To make it convenient for you, here is a list of some of the best Debrecen nightclubs where you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. Take a look at the list to know more about the best nightlife in Debrecen and enjoy a good and entertaining time with your friends.

1. Pins Cafe & Music Club

cafe cafe


Pins Café and Music Club is located in the center of Debrecen and its beautiful design, reasonable prices and special offers attract many people. The comfortable leather seating, air-conditioned dance floor and overall lively atmosphere of the club adds to your entertainment. There is also a garden terrace and patio which is open to guests from spring to autumn. A diverse collection of beverages and the latest music will add to your evening out in Debrecen.

Place:Market Street, Debrecen, Hungary
open to:12 o’clock at night

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2. Club 7

club 7club 7


Hal Köz is one of the most popular sections for youth in Debrecen, Hungary and Club 7 is one of the most popular clubs in the region. The club offers a wide range of beverages and the best music in the city. Club 7 is the ideal place to spend your weekend. You can celebrate your bachelorette party, bachelor party or even your birthday in the fun setting of this pub. For some spontaneous fun with your friends, head to this Downtown Square club and enjoy a night full of fun.

Place:Simonffy Street, Debrecen, Hungary
open to:2 o’clock in the night

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3. Mokka Drinks Bar

Mokka Drinks BarMokka Drinks Bar


Another great bar in Debrecen, Mocca Hall is located in the Koz area. Hal Koz Square is characterized by stunning buildings, art galleries and colorful fountains, making it one of the more atmospheric squares in Debrecen. Not to mention the number of cafes and bars that are bustling with excitement on weekends. Mokka Drink Bar in Hal Koz offers an excellent ambiance with a patio bar serving a variety of drinks at reasonable prices. Cocktails and beers are their house specialties which are a must try.

Place: Hal Koz, Debrecen. Hungary
open to: 12 o’clock at night
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5

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4. Boutique



The boutique is one of the most delightful places to visit in Debrecen, Hungary. It is the only music bistro in the city and offers a range of services including a variety of drinks, exciting music, gastronomy and many cultural events. This café and club is truly a community space and on weekends you will find the club packed with crowds. The rustic interior decor along with some of the best cuisine, craft beers and whiskeys and Hungarian wines make this place a perfect place to entertain.

Place: Csapo Street, Debrecen, Hungary
open to: 11 pm
TripAdvisor Rating: 4 / 5

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5. Ruin Bar

ruins barruins bar


The Ruin Bar is one of the most famous pubs in Debrecen. The bar opened in 2012 in Debrecen’s Csapo Street and has since been a favorite hangout spot for people in and around the area. The design of the bar is very unique and creative. If you visit the ruins bar during the day, you will find a café-like ambiance, but at night the place transforms into a festival-like venue with great music, delicious grilled food as well as a terrace in the courtyard. Since its establishment in 2012, this nightclub has certainly been patronizing the streets of Csapo Utca in Debrecen.

Place: Csapo Street, Debrecen, Hungary
open to: 2 o’clock in the night

6. Neon City and Gardens

Neon City and GardenNeon City and Garden

Image Courtesy

Neon City & Gardens is an international nightclub in Debrecen. Here in this pub you will find locals, international students as well as travelers and people coming to Debrecen from abroad all in one place. The unique design, sumptuous food and beverages and the club atmosphere attract a lot of guests here. Projectors and crazy parties will definitely make your night fun

Place: Butcher Street, Debrecen, Hungary

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7. Bakelite Music Café

Bakelite Music CafeBakelite Music Cafe


This beautiful music café is located in the center of Debrecen, right in front of the Sokonai Theatre, allowing you to fully enjoy this stunning scenery. The Bakelite Café’s history dates back to the 18th century. The first tavern was opened in the same location of the café during the 18th century and at the present time, the café attracts many people with its delicious menu, iced and hot coffee as well as refreshing cocktails and beers.

Place: Kossuth Street, Debrecen, Hungary
open to: 1 o’clock in the night

8. Chicago Club

chicago clubchicago club


Chicago Club located in Debrecen is a perfect place to enjoy your weekend and the place gives a nice retro bar feel. The interior of the club has been renovated and made elegant, providing a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The club has a wide selection of drinks and beverages that you can choose from and if you are fond of dancing then you should definitely visit the pub on weekends as they play a lot of retro hits. At Chicago Club, you will have a good time with your friend.

Place: Market Street, Debrecen, Hungary
open to: 4 o’clock in the morning

9. Mickey’s Bar Club

Mickey's Bar ClubMickey's Bar Club


Debrecen is a great party place with lots of nightclubs and pubs in the area and Mickey’s Bar Club is such a relaxing party place in the center of Debrecen. The club offers a high-end nightclub experience with an exotic range of cocktails, live music and a beautiful interior. Mickey’s Bar Club is dedicated to providing guests with a good and enjoyable time. While partying at Mickey’s, you will definitely have a good time without worrying about tomorrow.

Place: Bajsi-Zsilinszky, Debrecen, Hungary
open to: 5 am

10. Miami Cocktail Bar

Miami Cocktail BarMiami Cocktail Bar


This is one of the best cocktail bars in Debrecen. The bar has a menu with a wide range of cocktails. In this bar you will find about 70 different types of cocktails. All cocktails are of high quality and have an internationally acclaimed bartender on hand to serve you the best quality cocktails in Debrecen, Hungary. Not only is the service excellent, but Miami Bar is also dedicated to providing guests with the time of their lives with a refreshing selection of cocktails at reasonable, pocket-friendly prices.

Place: Hal Koz, Debrecen, Hungary
open to: 1 o’clock in the night

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Here you have the list of the best bars and nightclubs in Debrecen. If you are planning a trip to Europe with Daily Hind News and looking for weekend fun and party, then you should definitely visit one of these bars and pubs and enjoy a good time with your friends. Should take.

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