The talented designer Hanna Hillerova brings forth her dynamic and charming Night and Day lamps. She infused her creativity into the lamp’s distinct structure and designed these versatile lamps. Currently being showcased at the Stockholm Design Week, it has a stunning blend of colors and curved silhouettes.

Night and Day lamps incorporate ombre shades, adding charm to each lamp’s unique shape. They are handcrafted in Prague using the hand-blown technique. The pendant lamps have five layers of glass and silver oxide, which are used in creating mirror sunglasses, giving color to these beautiful lamps.

One of the most talked about features is its multifaceted personality; when they are off, they invoke a feeling of a misty forest, and when on, they resemble a fiery sunset after the storm. Each blazing hue brings out an aesthetic allure of the lamp. Each shape complements the other and is proficient in providing a focused light on any surface.

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The clever ombre color representation is adept at creating a warm and toasty atmosphere at night and imbues a relaxing and cool panorama in the daytime. These lamps disseminate a uniform glow when put together and are adept at creating a welcoming atmosphere wherever they are placed. They can be used at home, office, and cafes for that personalized effect.

The collection is carefully crafted by Martin Janecky, at the Janecky Studio. Furthermore, the lamps are available in varied shapes and sizes and can be customized according to one’s likeness. E14 LED bulbs and dimmers make a perfect choice as a light source for the lamp.

Day-and-Night-lamps- 1
Image: Hanna Hillerova
Day-and-Night-lamps- 2
Image: Hanna Hillerova
Day-and-Night-lamps- 3
Image: Hanna Hillerova
Day-and-Night-lamps- 4
Image: Hanna Hillerova

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