Nigeria protests: Eyewitnesses say security forces fired at protesters

Demonstrators have taken part in daily protests across the country in vain for nearly two weeks has been repeatedly admitted standing claims of harassment and to know that the police unit from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). Now, the 24-hour Tuesday the state governor to impose the curfew and deploy anti-riot police in the city.

One witness to the complaints Akinbosola Ogunsanya And after the shooting began to turn on the lights off in the city, Nigeria’s Lekke Tollgate. “Members of the Nigerian army pulled up and started firing at us,” he said. “They had read in the firing line directly from us, because a lot of people got hit. 1, in comparison scared. “

Added the slaughter on both sides Ogunsanya blocked ambulances barricades.

Another witness Onanugbo Temple, said they believed they heard the sound indicators and a home to a fire near the fighting, “about 15 to 30 minutes. “

Speaking to CNN from the scene of the shooting, Onanugbo, he said: “Many bodies laying on the ground, while the injured one to help.

CNN has not, however, be able to confirm the smiting there is.

State Government has ordered the investigation into the incident, according to the Lagos pilot’s knowledge, Gboyega Akosile. According to tweet through Akosile, Lagos pilot Babajide Sanwa Olu-called “policy security agents did not arrest anyone because of the curfew.”

The protests Lekke the toll gate was almost peaceful demonstrators sing the national anthem is a scene-ins allow for prayer.

Protesters Lekke toll gate in Lagos on July 20.

Earlier in the day, Sanwa Olu 24-hour curfew, and put it on a stand, between which the schools of all the Agricola, Lagos. Only permits them to come out into the streets, Essential providers, and do the first works from the responders to Lagos, the multitude of men more than the one who has an estimated 20 million people.

“This Lagosians to shock have watched as they began to be restored as a peaceful #EndSARS testified, and grows into a monster that was threatening the well-being of our society,” tweeted, it was reported Olu and Sanwa-4 pm (local ) curfew.

October 11 SARS released, and replace officials that the new unit will be trained by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Reuters reported on Monday. In addition to requiring police protesters in custody, including independent oversight of the trial of the leaders.

When severe injuries and death among the protests are reported problems.

Of Mars is said to Amnesty International in his Twitter account, which is not He has received: “Is it credible then, do exceedingly trouble, but that it is” out of the “excessive use of force occasioning death, so that the protesters”.

From the age of 17 died in police custody Peace on Monday, on the north side of the city to the countryside after they allegedly tortured, according to human rights groups. Many protestors and journalists were assaulted by police and strikers on the same day the capital Abuja. In social media videos show dozens of cars burning at the protestors Amnesty International, and said three people died.

“While we continue to investigate the slaughter and Amnesty International wishes to remind the authorities that the international law, security forces can only resort to the use of lethal force, since it is necessary to protect against the danger of death and serious injury,” Amnesty also tweeted.

Other videos show a mass breakout from a hundred prisoners from the Edo State Correctional Center in southern Benin in Nigeria. Who is to blame for the breakout is uncertain when the protestors saying it was amazing Circitoribus police. In Nigeria police force said in a Tweet Protestants can not be carted away by force with weapons before freeing suspects in custody and facilities for setting alight.

Edo State imposed a curfew on the leader Cicero Obaseki Monday, tweeting about the “disturbing incidents, vandalism and attacks on private individuals and institutions from driving in the guise of #EndSARS protesters”.

Riot police were deployed across the country. According to tweet a Nigerian police force Tuesday evening, Inspector-General of Nigeria’s latest has ordered the anti-riot police officers nationwide, like the fathers desire to “protect lives and property of all Nigerians and secure country’s critical infrastructure across the country.”

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