Nicolas Maury: “This César nomination interests me more than the result” – Actus Ciné

“Rag Boy”, Nicolas Maury’s first feature film, will have remained in theaters for 48 hours. Despite an exit broke by the closure of cinemas, the director is nominated for the César for best first film. Hot reaction.

Nicolas maury: "this césar nomination interests me more than the result" - actus ciné
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A fall in flight“. This is how Nicolas Maury summarizes the release of his first feature film, Garcon Boy. Like so many others, the film is brutally deprived of spectators following the closure of the theaters, entered into force on October 29, 2020 at midnight. Several months have passed, the doors of cinemas remain closed, yet theAcadémie des César unveiled, this Wednesday, February 10, 2021, the full list of nominations for the 46th ceremony. The name of Nicolas Maury is among the nominees for the César for best first film. A significant showcase for this sensitive work unfairly cut off from the big screen. On this occasion, AlloCine spoke with the filmmaker to get his impressions.

AlloCiné: This question is simple, yet inevitable, but what was your reaction to the announcement of the nominees?

Nicolas Maury: It’s a bit weird, I forgot it was Caesar Day. At the moment, I am going through a little difficult personal times, so I got up very late this morning. I had Monica Donati on the phone, my publicist whom I adore, and she said to me: “Here we are !“I didn’t even know what she was talking about. Then I received messages, notably from my agent, Jean-François Gabard. It was a joyous awakening, with this snow and this sun mixed together, even though I wasn’t very accustomed to this idea of ​​rewards, it’s something in me that resists.

Anne Sylvestre, the singer who appears in my film, often says: “Any artist wants to be incomparable.“And it’s not pretension. But it’s nice to feel looked at. Besides, the nomination interests me more than the result. In any case, more than being elected among the others, even if it is already a selection since other films do not appear. Today, and more than ever, we need to feel like a team. I hope that this time will slow us down on this idea of entanglement, to put the films against each other. It may be utopian but in any case it creates a double feeling in me. It is almost a moral and political rigor.

The film was released in a period of chaos. This appointment is also an opportunity to highlight it …

Absolutely. I’m trying to filter out all this disaster that’s happened. I had, during the last months, to come out of an energy of fatality. I took the opportunity to write my second feature film, it was useful to me. My first film of mine, it came out, then it came back. Going to meet the public in theaters, and I really insist on theaters, this is the true path of cinema. This path, I feel sad that it has been so heckled. I had Régine Vial, my distributor of Films du Losange, just before you, and she told me that all the films released on October 28th will pick up where they left off. So it will bring out my Cloth. He will be bathed in this light, this visibility of nomination.

I do not agree at all with the words of Mathieu Kassovitz. I leave them his words to him!

You have spoken a lot about the closing of theaters, especially on your Instagram account.

It is true that I have somewhat personified, both in spite of myself but also in a conscious way, this fall in flight. I do not agree at all words by Mathieu Kassovitz. I leave them his words to him! It’s very easy for him to say that on the set of BFM TV. I had also been invited that day, before they invited him, and I would have said the exact opposite of what this gentleman said. I found it so… He says that the environment is egocentric, but it is him that I found very egocentric and very little enlightened by having this speech, especially at this time. I find it really easy for someone who has made several films to say that “Netflix is ​​the future of the world“. It’s horrible to think that. Theaters support so many people.

I am not going to generalize the speeches. I needed to tell people, and not so much to the government, that a society, a city, a city without a hall is cruel. There are bars and restaurants, but also cinemas. It is a very important meeting. It is a place of repair.

Did you just tell me that you were writing your second feature film?

Everything is on the way. What’s interesting is that it’s already formulated in my head. If it hadn’t been for this COVID-19, I would have had a great journey with Boy Cloth. There were still Toronto and Cannes. But it would have been necessary, whatever happens, to ask the question of the second film and there, I asked myself a lot of questions before asking the first letters. But there it is, there is the beginning of something.

Interview by Thomas Desroches, in Paris, February 10, 2021.

Check out the “Rag Boy” trailer:

And the soundtrack, composed by O – Olivier Marguerit:

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