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Nicolas Bedos a 40 ans : bientôt OSS 117 3 et une Mascarade à suivre

Nicolas Bedos is celebrating his 40th birthday today. The opportunity to take stock of his upcoming films. In addition to “OSS 117: red alert in black Africa”, the filmmaker is preparing a new feature, “Masquerade”, in the vein of “L’Arnacoeur”.


After La Belle Epoque, currently available on VOD, Nicolas Bedos is preparing two new films. On the occasion of its 40th anniversary today, focus on its news.

The director is currently working on the new component of OSS 117, whose filming ended a few days before the start of confinement in France, and editing is in progress. “The producers had the good idea to have disinfected machines delivered to my editor, which allows us to work, Nicolas Bedos recently reported in the columns of the daily newspaper Nice Matin. In the end, I was very lucky. The Belle Epoque came out before this madness. I was able to enjoy the Cannes Film Festival, the Césars. There, the film arrived on VOD and it is a hit. And the shooting of OSS 117 ended eight days before the virus fell on us. The film should be released in a year. I hope that by then people will be able to meet in cinemas or in restaurants.

He will be surrounded in particular by Pierre Niney, Fatou N’Diaye, and Wladimir Yordanoff as the new patron of French intelligence, thus succeeding Pierre Bellemare. If the pitch is still kept secret, we know that the satirical adventures of Hubert Bonisseur of the Bath alias OSS 117 will take us to Africa in the 1980s and that he will have to associate himself with a new agent, of the young generation. The film is dated February 3, 2021.

Nicolas Bedos spoke to our microphone on OSS 117: Red alert in black Africa, during the promotion of La Belle Epoque.

In addition, Nicolas Bedos has a new film in view after this opus from OSS 117. It will be a romantic comedy, presented by our colleagues from Variety, as in the vein of films like L’Arnacoeur by Pascal Chaumeil (2010) or La Main au collet by Alfred Hitchcock (1955). In Nice Matin, Nicolas Bedos indicated that this film called Mascarade (Masquerade) will be shot in April 2021. Finally, still according to Variety, a remake in English of La Belle Epoque is in the works.

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