Nicky Larson and the perfume of Cupid: the scene that shocked the Japanese

Aired this Monday on M6, “Nicky Larson and the perfume of Cupid”, adapted from the famous manga, was also released in the country which saw the birth of this cult character, Japan. But a scene would have shocked the Japanese, as P. Lacheau explained.

Nicky Larson and the perfume of Cupid the scene that
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It is an understatement to say that when actor – director Philippe Lacheau unveiled the very first images of his film Nicky Larson and the perfume of Cupid, the Bad Buzz quickly took hold of the web and social networks.

For some, it was simply unbearable for them that the one behind the Babysitting films and other could don the costume of the cult character, whose (mis) animated adventures made the happiness of many teenagers at the time.

Still, Lacheau held on, and the figures proved him right: more than 1.68 million spectators went to see the film. “Our best response to critics was the film” The person concerned will also tell us, whom we had met again in 2019, when he was promoting the animated film City Hunter – Private Eye on the DNA platform.

A censored scene that shocked the Japanese

Given the pedigree of the original work, no question of ignoring a Japanese release of his film, especially as Lacheau had received the blessing of Tsukasa Hōjō, the author of the manga. “City Hunter the movie”: this was the rather sober Japanese title of the film.

His trailer put more action than comedy scenes, although the most iconic elements of the manga appear in it: the lewd character of Nicky, the giant hammer of Laura, the song Get wild from the animated series …

To discover below …

“We shocked the Japanese with a pee joke” had declared Philippe Lacheau to our colleagues from the FilmActu website, when promoting the film on DVD / Blu-ray.

When the journalist asks him if scenes have been censored or cut because of gags that went too far, Lacheau answers: “There are things that we cut but it wasn’t censorship. It was either because it didn’t work or because it was mishandled. There is, however, a scene that l ‘We cut even before the shooting at the request of the Japanese who had the right to watch.

It was around Nicky and Laura who have a dog and cat relationship. They keep getting filthy. At one point Laura was bathing in her tub and she received a photo on her phone of Nicky pissing in it. The Japanese were shocked by this scene. The jokes with the zizis passed but for the pee in the tub, they were shocked “.