Everything You Need To Know About Ngong Ping Village, The Chinese Cultural Heaven

Ngong Ping Village is located in the western part of Lantau Island. It was built on top of the Ngong Ping Plateau, primarily to accommodate the influx of large numbers of tourists coming to see the Tian Tan Buddha and enjoy a panoramic view of land, sky and sea on an exciting Ngong Ping Village cable car ride. To experience together. It is an artfully designed village with Chinese-style architectural elements, featuring tea houses, souvenir shops as well as food shops that serve both authentic Asian and Western cuisine.

All modern amenities are well available in the village, making it the central point for many tourist attractions and main attractions of the area and it also serves as a major transport hub.

Best time to visit Nong Ping Village

Amazing Ngong Ping Village

Temperatures in Nangong Ping Village, Hong Kong vary greatly throughout the year and the hottest months are June, July and August. The humidity in the air is at its maximum in the month of June and it is minimum in the month of October.

The busiest months of tourism in this area are April, September and October as the weather of Nong Ping Village during this time is ideal for exploration. Hotel and flight rates will be at their peak during these months of the year, so make sure you book well in advance. The area is least crowded in December when temperatures in Nong Ping are very low.

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How to reach Ngong Ping Village?

Transportation to Ngong Ping Village

The most common way to reach the village is by bus or the Ngong Ping Cable Car. If tourists prefer to visit Ngong Ping Village by bus, bus 23 can be taken from Tung Chung Bus Terminal, which is a 50-minute ride.

Most tourists prefer a cable car ride than reaching Ngong Ping village by bus or ferry. It is recommended that tourists purchase their tickets online in advance unless they wish to wait in long queues. Tung Chung Town Center can be easily reached from any part of Hong Kong using the MTR.

From here one can book a cable car ride from the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal, which is adjacent to the MTR Tung Chung Station, and reach Nong Ping Cable Car Terminal in about 30 minutes. From the terminal at Nangong Ping, one can easily know how to reach Nangong Ping village by following the signs on the road leading to the village.

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Nong Ping Village Cable Car Price

Nong Ping Village Cable Car

There is no entrance fee to Nong Ping Village, but there is a charge for the cable car that takes you up to the village. Cable car ticket rates per person are as follows:

Single Standard:

  • Adult – INR 1350
  • Children (3 to 11 years) – INR 650
  • Senior Citizen (+65 years) – INR 880

Single Crystal Cabin:

  • Adult – INR 1850
  • Children – INR 1200
  • Senior Citizen – INR 1390

Round-trip standard:

  • Adult – INR 1950
  • Children – INR 930
  • Senior Citizen – INR 1300

Round-Trip Crystal:

  • Adult – INR 2690
  • Children – INR 1670
  • Senior Citizen – INR 2040

Standard + Crystal:

  • Adult – INR 2460
  • Children – INR 1440
  • Senior Citizen – INR 1800

Long waiting queues can be avoided by booking a Crystal Cabin with VIP queue.

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Nong Ping Village Opening Hours

Artistic Walls of Ngong Ping Village

Timings for the cable ride and village are 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 6:30 pm on weekends. Keep the cable car and bus timetables in mind so that you can reach the place on time and explore and experience all that this Chinese paradise has to offer before you leave. Save your time by booking a Crystal Cabin Cable Car ride that will be worth every penny you spend!

Things to do in Nong Ping Village

Nong Ping Village is a one-stop destination for many popular attractions that are yet to be discovered. Don’t miss the chance to see the famous Po Lin Monastery and the 34 meter high Tian Tan Buddha (The Big Buddha). Visitors should take some time to look at the map of Ngong Ping Village at the entrance to see what attracts them most.

1. Po Lin Monastery: Walking Buddha Tour

Amazing Po Lin Monastery

The multimedia attraction, the Walking Buddha, known as the “Trail of Enlightenment”, takes visitors on an immersive journey through the life stages of Siddhartha Gautama. The tour begins in the courtyard, where there is a short video of how the Buddha attained enlightenment under a tree and attained supreme awareness. Visitors are then led into the temple where they are given a Bodhi leaf with thoughtful words written on it. At the last stop of the journey, one can gain information about the origins of Buddhism and trace its spread across the world.

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2. Monkey’s Tale Theatre: Learn about Buddhism

Amazing Monkey's Tale Theater


The venue presents a dramatic performance of the Buddha’s story with computer-generated sounds and effects. This animated story attracts children and keeps them engaged with the show. This is the best place to make the young generation aware about Buddhism and its origins.

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3. Cable Car Gallery: Take photos with a variety of cable cars!

Amazing Cable Car Gallery


While walking towards Nong Ping Plaza, you will see many replicas of cable cars from different countries, including Germany, China, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Italy, France and Spain. These eight uniquely decorated cable cars in the International Cable Car Gallery make a great place to take photos.

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4. Bodhi Shrine: Make a Wish!

Amazing Bodhi Shrine

The Bodhi Wishing Shrine is located right in the middle of the village where visitors can write their wishes on a piece of wood or paper and attach it to the Wishing Tree. The Wishing Tree is artificially made from concrete and looks impressively spectacular.

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5.HK Love Shop: Mold Divine Sticks

Amazing HK Love Shop


Tourists interested in learning traditional Chinese customs can visit this place. However, there is a fun game of fortune telling in this village to introduce this part of Chinese culture to tourists. This fun activity involves making a wish for something or someone and picking up the divination wand from the divination holders and getting the answer from the HK Love Shop.

6. Li-Nong Tea House: Taste Hong Kong’s famous tea

Amazing Li-Nong Tea House

Li-Nong Tea House in Hong Kong serves a very unique platter of refreshments. It is an ideal place to experience the typical Chinese tea ceremony. A variety of refreshing teas and delicious cakes are served here. The artisanal flower tea first originated here and the place is the proud owner of 6 national patents for the tea production techniques and appearance of the product. Additionally, Nong Ping Village Restaurant offers a variety of dining options ranging from authentic Chinese cuisine to international Western cuisine. In Ngong Ping Village, dining options are numerous.

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One can visit the Chinese Buddha, learn a little about Chinese culture, enjoy exquisite Chinese tea and snacks and much more at Nong Ping Village. Add it to your Hong Kong tour itinerary and get special offers by booking with us!

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