NFL Sunday Ticket slashes price for the back half of the sea…

NFL Sunday Ticket on TV.
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We’re halfway through the 2023/24 NFL season, a first for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV. By most accounts, it has been a successful rookie season despite a major setback last Sunday. And while we shouldn’t expect any compensation for the outage, those who couldn’t make the leap to NFL Sunday Ticket can now do so at a deep discount for the remainder of the season.

Here’s how things break down for the remainder of the season, depending on where and how you want to watch. On YouTube TV, the rest of the season alone costs $174, or $194 if you want NFL RedZone. On YouTube (via YouTube Primetime channels), you’ll have to pay $224 for NFL Sunday Ticket, or $244 for NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone.

In other words, you’ll get half the season out of a total of 18 – we’re about to start with week 9 – for about half the price. And to sweeten the deal on YouTube TV, if you sign up you’ll get two months of Max (formerly HBO Max) free.

The usual warnings all apply here. If a game is subject to blackout rules where you live, that game will not be available. Besides, once you make the payment, that’s it. no refunds.

Still, it’s not a bad thing if you have a team that is playing better than you expected and you want to make sure you can see them on Sunday. And now is a good time to remind everyone that NFL Sunday Ticket is only good for the Sunday lunchtime and afternoon games. Sunday night, Thursday night and Monday night games are not included here. But for Sunday? This has been excellent, and also gives you the benefit of multiview, allowing you to watch multiple games at once.

Although Google hasn’t disclosed how many subscribers NFL Sunday Ticket has generated in its first season on YouTube and YouTube TV, executives did say in the company’s third-quarter earnings call that YouTube TV is still growing, thanks to NFL. Thank you Sunday. stamp. We don’t even know how much growth we are talking about. According to the last figures Google provided for YouTube TV, the streaming service is expected to reach 5 million subscribers by mid-2022, and it should still be the largest of its kind in the US.

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