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This week, follow Kate Beckinsale’s quest for revenge in Jolt, the Amazon Original movie, and shiver with fear at the Them series. Cinephiles will be spoiled for choice with Downsizing, Elle adore or Stronger. Program.

To end July in style, Amazon Prime Video is betting on Kate Beckinsale, Jolt’s heroine, available from July 23. In this Amazon Original film, the actress plays Lindy, a beautiful and humorous woman who carries a painful secret. She is indeed suffering from a rare neurological disorder, causing her to experience impulses of rage and murder.

The only way to control this syndrome: shock yourself with an electrode device. Lonely, she thinks herself unable to find love until she meets a man she falls head over heels in love with before he finds himself murdered. She then has only one mission: to avenge this murder while being pursued by the police as the main suspect.

Also from July 23, discover Them, an anthological horror series that deals with racism through a new story each season. On the film side, French cinema lovers will be able to find Sandrine Kiberlain as an uncontrollable fan of Laurent Lafitte in Elle adore, a dramatic comedy by Jeanne Herry.

Alternatively, discover the true and poignant story of Jeff Bauman in Stronger, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, take to the skies against a only 12cm Matt Damon in Downsizing, and immerse yourself in the life of Queen Victoria, aka Emily Blunt, in Victoria: The Young Years of a Queen, by Jean-Marc Vallée.

Friday July 23:

Jolt – Amazon Original
Them – Season 1

Saturday July 24:

She adores it

Tuesday July 27:

Victoria: The Young Years of a Queen
The Land of Hope

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