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This week on Prime Video, immerse yourself in the loves of Linda Radlett thanks to the miniseries The Pursuit of Love with Lily James. Serivores will also find Doctor Who, The Bold Type and a new episode of Nine Perfect Strangers.

Nancy Mitford’s novel released in 1945, The Pursuit of Love gets a new skin this year in an adaptation by Emily Mortimer. The miniseries chronicles the tumultuous loves of young aristocrat Linda Radlett from the perspective of her wise cousin and best friend Fanny Logan, between WWI and WWII.

On the program: 3 episodes carried by a remarkable photo and an impeccable cast with Lily James and Emily Beecham in the roles of the two heroines, without forgetting Dominic West, Dolly Wells, John Heffernan, Andrew Scott or even Assaad Bouab (the famous Hicham Janowski in Ten percent).

For those who have discovered the debut of Nine Perfect Strangers, the series with Nicole Kidman is revealed through a new episode from this August 27. Finally, also discover the series Kevin Can F ** k Himself with Annie Murphy as the wife of a sitcom star, season 5 of The Bold Type and the first 4 seasons of Doctor Who.

Friday August 27

Kevin Can F ** k Himself
Pete The Cat – Season 1 – Amazon Original
Nine Perfect Strangers

Saturday August 30

The Bold Type – Season 5 (Final Season)

Wednesday September 1

The Pursuit of Love – Season 1 – Amazon Exclusive
Doctor Who – Season 1 to 4
lucky Luke

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