New Releases and Must-See Shows: What’s on Hulu for Your Next Binge-Watch Session

With so many streaming services available, Hulu has become a popular go-to for many viewers looking for their next binge-watch session. With a wide range of content available, from classic TV shows and movies to original programming, Hulu has something for everyone. In this article, we’ll explore some of the latest releases and must-see shows on Hulu, as well as provide tips and tricks for getting the most out of your subscription.

New Releases on Hulu:

One of the biggest advantages of Hulu is its ability to offer up-to-date programming. Here are some of the most recent additions to the Hulu library:

-The Great: A satirical comedy about Catherine the Great’s rise to power in Russia. The series stars Elle Fanning as Catherine and Nicholas Hoult as her unstable husband, Peter III.

-Little Fires Everywhere: Based on Celeste Ng’s novel, this drama explores the intertwined lives of two families in the late ’90s. The show stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, who also serve as executive producers.

-Ramy: This comedy-drama follows a first-generation Egyptian-American Muslim as he navigates life in his New Jersey community. The series won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical Series for its star, Ramy Youssef.

-Killing Eve: This critically acclaimed series follows the cat-and-mouse game between a British intelligence agent and an assassin. The show stars Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, who have both won Emmy Awards for their performances.

Must-See Shows on Hulu:

In addition to new releases, Hulu is also home to many classic shows that are often the focus of binge-watching sessions. Here are some of the most popular shows on Hulu:

-The Handmaid’s Tale: Based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, this dystopian series follows a woman forced to become a handmaid in a totalitarian society where fertility rates have plummeted. The show has won numerous awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Drama.

-Parks and Recreation: A comedy about the employees of the Parks and Recreation Department in a small Indiana town. The show stars Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, and Chris Pratt, among others, and is widely regarded as one of the funniest shows of the last decade.

-The Office: A mockumentary about the daily lives of employees at a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The American version of the show, which stars Steve Carell, John Krasinski, and Rainn Wilson, is one of the most-watched shows on Hulu.

-Seinfeld: A classic ’90s sitcom about a group of friends in New York City. The show stars Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

Tips and Tricks for Binge-Watching on Hulu:

So, you’ve decided what show you want to watch. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your binge-watch session:

1. Use the Hulu Watchlist: Hulu’s Watchlist feature allows you to add shows and movies to a list for easy access later. You can also create different Watchlists for different moods or occasions.

2. Take advantage of Hulu’s personalized recommendations: Hulu uses an algorithm to suggest TV shows and movies based on your viewing history. Take a look at the recommendations and see if anything catches your eye.

3. Customize closed captions and subtitles: Hulu allows you to customize the look and feel of your closed captions and subtitles. You can choose from different fonts, colors, and sizes, as well as adjust the background opacity.

4. Different viewing options: Hulu offers a few different viewing options. You can choose to watch your show with limited commercials, no commercials, or watch with live TV. Consider what works best for your budget and the amount of time you have to watch TV.


Q: Can you download shows or movies on Hulu to watch later offline?

A: Yes, Hulu does allow you to download some shows and movies to watch offline. However, not every title is available for download.

Q: Can you pause and resume playback on different devices?

A: Yes, Hulu allows you to pause and resume playback seamlessly between devices. You can start watching a show on your TV and then continue on your phone or tablet.

Q: Does Hulu have parental controls?

A: Yes, Hulu does offer parental controls. You can set up a Kids profile for your children that only includes age-appropriate content.

Q: Does Hulu have live TV options?

A: Yes, Hulu does offer the option to watch live TV. However, this does come with an additional cost.

In conclusion, Hulu has a lot to offer when it comes to binge-watching. From new releases to old favorites, there is something for everyone on the platform. By taking advantage of Hulu’s personalization features and viewing options, you can make the most of your viewing experience. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your next binge-watch session on Hulu!

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