New Netflix this week: after a year of waiting, one of the most …

New netflix this week: after a year of waiting, one of the most...

Thanks to AlloCiné, discover the films and series that will be released on Netflix between October 8 and 14.

The must of the week!

Family Business season 3: The Hazans are back! Netflix is ​​putting the last season of Family Business online on Friday. And for their last lap of honor, our family specializing in weed finds itself in an ubiquitous situation. They were kidnapped from their prison and then taken to the depths of an isolated monastery. They must juggle unpredictable kidnappers, a mind-boggling new product line and a well-kept family secret.


Pretty Smart season 1: Chelsea the nerd realizes that she has a lot to learn when it comes to happiness when she is forced to move in with her petulant sister and her three roommates. A young adult comedy starring Emily Osment (Young & Hungry, Hannah Montana)

Grudge: A renowned prosecutor finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy with colossal stakes. A Turkish film by and with Yılmaz Erdoğan (The Promise of a Lifetime) which promises to be breathtaking.

My brother, my sister: For his first feature film, the Italian director gets involved in the intimacy of a family. When their father’s will forces them to live together, Nik, Tesla, and Tesla’s children try to overcome their differences.

Pokémon the Movie – Secrets of the Jungle: Koko grows up in the jungle with a lonely Zarude. By meeting Sacha and Pikachu, he discovers the world of humans … and learns that his environment is threatened! A film to discover with the family, to surf this phenomenon saga.


Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha season 1: A dentist leaves the big city to open a practice in a small coastal town, where a charming young handyman lives. Everything opposes them, and yet … If you are a fan of Korean dramas, this new Netflix series could join your must-see list.

Blue Period season 1: Captivated by a painting, Yatora Yaguchi, a bored popular high school student, plunges heartily into the magnificent but relentless world of art. This anime will be offered at the rate of one episode per week, just a few days after its release in Japan. A first for Netflix.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (catalog): Juan Antonio Bayona imposes his director’s paw in this second installment released in 2018. Darker (and scary?) Than the previous one, Fallen Kingdom, goes further into Jurassic World mythology by making interesting proposals.


The Movies That Made Us season 3: Thrills, strong emotions and off-screen brawls: this humorous and revelatory documentary series delivers even more anecdotes about your favorite blockbusters. Netflix has not yet released the list of the 4 films that will be in the spotlight this time.

Convergence – together in the face of the crisis: As COVID-19 heightens precariousness on the planet, unsung heroes from all walks of life are helping to raise the bar towards a better future.

Bright – Samurai Soul: At the start of the Meiji Restoration in Japan, a human ronin must team up with an orc assassin to save an orphaned elf from a common adversary. Taken from the Netflix movie starring Will Smith released in 2017, this animated feature film is directed by Kyohei Ishiguro.


Operation Hyacinthe: Warsaw, 1985. Unconvinced by the conclusions of the investigation, a young officer from Communist Poland sets out to discover the truth about a murder.

Toxic: The intense relationship between two young mothers, one passing through and the other from the region, reveals an impending environmental disaster and spiritual collapse.


Another Life season 2: After witnessing the destruction of a planet, Niko and his team must negotiate with the aliens responsible for this massacre. Katee Sackhoff is back after two years away and takes us on a new tour in space.

It’s already available and it’s not to be missed!

Maid: In Maid, Margaret Qualley plays a single mother who struggles to make ends meet finds a job as a housekeeper… An intimate, powerful series, beautifully produced and carried by involved actors. The young woman notably gives the reply to Andie MacDowell who is none other than her mother in real life, according to the memoirs of Stephanie Land.

And the winning mistrals: A shocking, moving and funny documentary for children which had already upset viewers when it was released in theaters in 2017. We follow 5 sick children, who despite the hardships they experience on a daily basis, have great lessons in humanity to offer us.

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