New Netflix this week: a horror film that will shock and Sandra Bullock …

Thanks to AlloCiné, discover the films and series that will be released on Netflix between December 10 and 16.

The must-have of the week!

The Hand of God (12/15): Netflix is ​​battling with great movies at the end of the year. After the Jane Campion, all the spotlight is now on Paolo Sorrentino’s new film, of which here is the synopsis: Naples in the 80s. Fabietto Schisa, a teenager who feels bad about himself, lives with his eccentric and colorful family. But his daily life is suddenly turned upside down when Diego Maradona, global football legend, arrives in Naples and miraculously saves him from a terrible accident …


Back: Two strangers wake up, their abdomens sewn together. And the shock is all the greater when they discover who is behind their appalling torment. This Spanish film with a pitch reminiscent of Human Centipede in a way is intended only for an informed audience (16 years and over).

Unforgivable: Freed from prison, a woman convicted of murder returns to a society that refuses to forgive her and seeks the little sister she was forced to abandon. Three years after the release and carton of BirdBox, Sandra Bullock collaborates once again with Netflix on this poignant drama where she is unrecognizable.

Anónima: Born from an SMS sent by mistake, the virtual friendship between Vale and Alex turns to romance. But both are unaware that they have already met in the flesh. A Mexican teen movie perfect for the weekend.

Even more beautiful: In this Italian romantic comedy, Marta (Ludovica Francesconi) finds love with an artist after breaking up with the man of her dreams. But life has some surprises in store for this sick young woman and her friends.

Back home : They are a little scary sometimes, but these deeply misunderstood creatures have hearts of gold. And if they escape from their prison, it is to find a home! This new animated film produced by Netflix will delight your children with its colorful universe and its dose of adventure!

Saturday Morning All Star Hits! : Irreverent and unsettling, this adult animated series is a parody of the low budget cartoons that aired on Saturday mornings in the ’80s.

How To Ruin Christmas: The Funeral: In this sequel, which takes place just a year after the Christmas disaster, Tumi finds herself in the middle of yet another family puzzle when a parent dies abruptly over the holidays.

Aranyak: Secrets of the forest: Between political shenanigans, personal interests and ancient myths, two ill-assorted cops from a mountain town juggle suspects after a curious murder. A detective series in 8 episodes that promises to keep you going.


Elite, short stories: The Spanish series is back with season 2 of its short stories. The program is as follows: Philippe, Caye, & Felipe (December 15) – Samuel & Omar (December 20) and Patrick (December 23).

Snatch (catalog): We no longer present this cult film by Guy Ritchie, which is making a comeback on the Netflix catalog at the end of the year.

Superstore (catalog): Season 6 is online.

The Prestige (catalog): It is one of the highest rated movies of all time on AlloCiné. So if you still haven’t seen this Nolan essential, it will be waiting for you on Netflix.


Christmas in California: City Lights: A year after their romance began, Callie and Joseph left the ranch to run family affairs in San Francisco. Could there be marriage in the air?

Like a fish in its reef: In search of a home in the Great Barrier Reef, a tiny pufferfish ventures into a wonderful microscopic world populated by fantastic creatures.

Aggretsuko: In Season 4, the brilliant Retsuko raises his voice to prevent Haida from making the worst mistake of her life when the company’s devious new CEO takes drastic action in the office.

It’s already available and it’s not to be missed!

Titans: We had to be a little patient before being able to binge-watcher season 3 of Titans, which Netflix is ​​broadcasting exclusively in France. In these new episodes, Dick and his team of superheroes must face the terrible Red Hood as well as Crane aka the Scarecrow, one of Batman’s greatest enemies… A must-see for DC fans.

The Grinch (2018): This is not a Netflix original but a catalog addition that we warmly recommend to you this week. What could be better than a good animated film around the Grinch, this cult character of the Christmas holidays? So we keep it warm for the 24th and we look at it alone or with family.

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