New Meufs on Canal +: what is Emma de Caunes’ first 100% feminine series worth?

Emma de Caunes offers in this new Décalée Creation of Canal +, co-written with Diastème (“Un Français”), a collection of nine portraits of contemporary women in the heart of a Parisian building. A successful style exercise?

What is it about ?

Neuf Meufs is nine snapshots during the day of nine women of different ages who live in the same Parisian building without necessarily knowing each other, who desire, dare, doubt, amuse us and touch us.

Nine Meufs, every Monday at 11 p.m. on Canal + and in full on myCANAL

Who is it with?

After several collaborations at the theater with the screenwriter, director and director Diastème (July August, Un Français), actress and former host Emma de Caunes (Un Frère, La Science des rêve) signs her first production with Neuf Meufs. She is staging a whole gallery of both French and foreign actresses: Aïssa Maïga (He already has your eyes), Miss Agnes, Solene Rigot (Doctor?) Sarah Suco (director dazzled) Miss Agnes, Marie bunel (Grand Hotel), Nina Blanc-Francard, the director’s daughter, the Japanese dancer and choreographer Kaori ito or british actress Camille Rutherford (Felicità) give the answer to guests like Philippe Katerine or Francois Berléand.

Well worth a look ?

After the CALLS audio format, the apocalyptic series L’Effondrement or the comedy Narvalo, Canal +’s Création Décalée label offers a new short 9 x 10 minute fiction with Neuf Meufs. Each episode, centered on a different heroine, takes place in an apartment in a large Parisian building. Brief moments of the lives of Sylvia, Charlie, Lola, Anna, Violette, Yumi and the others follow one another, tackling the question of desire and its sometimes impenetrable ways.

Funny, moving, sometimes sensual, as when “Sylvia” (Aïssa Maïga) tries to seduce her neighbor, or when “Yumi” (Kaori Ito) gradually reclaims her body through dance and a disturbing play of glances between neighbors, the series also weaves intergenerational dialogues. The episodes “Lola” and “Violette” thus deal with the difficulty of overcoming the taboo of sexuality between parents and adolescents, while those of “Framboise”, “Lola” and “Charlie” address the difficulties of the couple and of mourning in love. .

New meufs on canal +: what is emma de caunes' first 100% feminine series worth? Caroline Dubois / Canal +

Lola (Solène Rigot)

Through a staging behind closed doors in shimmering colors and a gallery of exciting performers, Neuf Meufs intrigues and is devoured in an hour and a half. Too bad, however, that the constraint of the short format does not allow us to spend more time in the universe of each woman. No sooner do we begin to discover a new heroine, to understand her story and her psyche, that we are propelled into the next episode, leaving us a little hungry.

If the concept of audio fiction of Calls marked its singularity, The Collapse captivated us by its format of single sequence shot by episode which instilled a tension at all times, and Narvalo took us on with the inexhaustible verve and the intense repartee of his interpreters. Neuf Meufs, despite the charm of its proposal and its portraits of fair and sensitive heroines, lacks a unity and strong resonances which would make this new Décalée Creation of Canal + a perfect choral work on female desire.

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