New iPad Pro to Cut Off the Microphone While the Case Is Closed

New iPad Pro to Cut Off the Microphone While the Case Is Closed

The newest version of the Apple iPad Pro will include a privacy feature that has been a part of the last few MacBook models. The feature will cut off the microphone when the opening closes.

The MacBook feature ensures the microphone being shut off from the hardware level after the lid is closed. The design prevents snooping and ensures the device will not be broken into or otherwise picks up things without the owner’s permission.

But the iPad does not have a lid as the MacBook does. The microphone on the new iPad Pro model will be cut off when a person applies a case over the screen. An Apple case that features the “Made for iPad” certification marker will close over the screen and then activate a signal that stops the microphone from operating. The hardware setup will disable the microphone.

New iPad Pro
New iPad Pro

The new security feature is a part of the Apple Platform Security guide. The most recent version of the guide is available and states that no software can access the microphone while the lid closes. The effort works even when the operating system is in danger or experiences other threats.

Protection Against Malware

The most important part of the new iPad Pro development is that it ensures the security setup in the device will not be at risk of harm. Apple introduced the microphone shutoff feature on its MacBooks in 2018. The effort was to prevent hackers from getting access to the microphone, which in turn could provide additional access to other things on the inside. The Fruitfly malware program was one of the more troubling programs that have concerns over safety.

Works Against Government Spying

The protective feature will also be useful for ensuring that no outside parties can try to spy on what one is using. There have been worries among some users over how government authorities and other groups might try and spy on what they are doing with their devices. The microphone shutoff feature will ensure that the user doesn’t have any problems with other people trying to get into one’s device.

What Cases Work?

While a “Made for iPad” marker should be found on an iPad Pro cover to allow the microphone to shut off, some other cases may work. The Smart Folio and Smart Keyboard Folio cases should allow protection. The upcoming Magic Keyboard peripheral will also work.

Third-party cases may also work with this new security feature. However, the availability of those cases will vary based on what Apple wishes to certify and support when reviewing how well these cases can operate.

Available For Delivery

Apple is aiming to deliver the new iPad Pro to more people as soon as possible. Online orders are available right now. The microphone shut off feature is a point that has been discovered by many people who have recently purchased the iPad Pro and are currently testing it out. It is expected that many other features might come about in future tests or reviews of the product.

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