Just as the lockdown prompted cafes and restaurants to turn to take-out and meal kits, it also prompted some chefs who were unemployed to launch their own food brands. It’s really cool, proper DIY stuff, made on social media and coming out of people’s kitchens at home, and it’s tasty too. Check out our favorites below …
You’re going to want to get on top of it before they explode big.

Millfield Stores

Launched by Ben Bohm-Duchen (who worked at Rochelle Canteen, The River Cafe and Carousel) and art director and graphic designer Sophie Dutton during the 2020 summer lockout, Millfields Store combines the couple’s love for food and l ‘Arts and crafts. In addition to food boxes with local produce, they also sell artwork and commissioned items for your kitchen and deliver most postcodes in London.

Takeaway from JoJo

After working at Chick ‘n’ Sours and Sambal Shiok, Chef JoJo has dated alone with JoJo’s Takeaway, which is his manifestation of London and its mishmash of cultures in the form of food. Short of Crouch End, the two signature dishes are the Spicy Pig’s Ear Spring Rolls and the epic Saint Dixy Chicken Burger, aka “an edible love letter to every chicken store I have.” hang out with my friends after crazy nights. ”

Mystic borek

Spasia Dinkovski spent time working in a deli and managing sandwich pop-ups in New York City, working in kitchens in London (like Bodega Rita) and private chefs, and now she’s started Mystic Borek. Inspired by her Macedonian roots, Mystic Borek makes whole filo pies – seriously they are huge – filled with things like feta, roasted cauliflower and pickled cucumber and potato, parmesan and creamed spinach. It makes airdrops in south, east and north London.

Bellong dining room

Based right next to the Columbia Road Flower Market, Bellong Dining, founded by private chef Long, serves Taiwanese bento boxes (varieties include Hakka Tofu, Beef Burger Curry, Pork Chop, and Pork Belly braised) and sides like chicken popcorn and potato salad with golden eggs. . There is a 2.5 delivery radius for hot food, but they also do Long Là John chili sauce and it goes nationwide.

Machete Burritos

Venezuelan chef PatXi Andres worked at Black Ax Mangal before launching the Princess Tie Dyana tie-dye business, during the first lockdown. And now a second lockdown has meant a second deal and this time it’s food, but not the initial taco pop-up he planned. Instead, he makes the “tastiest, dirtiest” burritos in town with Burritos Machete, and he’s not afraid to mix cultures up, creating toppings like kimchi fried rice, rabbit birria. and lamb chicharron.

Hot 4 U

Hot 4 U, aka Matthew Scott (formerly of Cub) and Eddy Tejada (formerly of St John), launched during the first lockdown with a changing weekly menu with ambitious and creative dishes like apple cookies, numbing tendons and bone marrow. whiskey sledges. Not only are the boys back with these menus, but they also have take-out goodies from The Plow pub.

Moore’ish Crumpets

Chef Ormer Tom Moore brings back some childhood nostalgia with Moore’ish crumpets, because you can’t beat an absolutely buttery hot crumpet. He makes plain sourdough and crumpets from his home in Dulwich and delivers them throughout town. DM him to get into the action.

Kamienko bagels

Chef at Leroy in Shoreditch, Sam Kamienko boiled and baked bagels in and out of locks to pass the time. And now he’s started his own small business, preparing them in his home kitchen before getting on his bike and delivering them all over London. He makes the regular OG bagel, sesame, pumpkin and everything; they cost just £ 1.50 each (minimum of four); and he currently ships to most London postcodes, so send him a DM to place your order.

Blondies Hash

After training at the Hummingbird bakery, then taking a leave of absence in 2020, Hash Mastan started his own bakery, Hash Blondies. He creates a rotating selection of decadent brownies – flavors include Honeycomb Rocky Road, Biscoff Blondies, Matcha Oreo, and Lemon Blueberry Blondies. YUM. It currently offers collection from E12 and delivery in East London.


Led by a Brat Chef and based in Sydenham, SmorBakery is here to satisfy all your sweet cravings with classic pastries like cinnamon buns, raspberry slices, apple strudels, chocolate buns, almond cookies and this Basque cheesecake. You can collect if you are local, otherwise delivery is underway in SE London.

By Vinod Gill

Chief Editor and reporter. Major onsite works and development.

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