New Amsterdam on TF1: what awaits you in season 3 on TV

New amsterdam on tf1: what awaits you in season 3 on tv

The channel is broadcasting tonight the first three unreleased series of Season 3 of the medical series, in which the efforts of Dr. Goodwin and his team to keep the hospital afloat are strained by the pandemic.

Almost a year after the end of the broadcast of season 2 of New Amsterdam on TF1, and while in the United States, NBC has already broadcast its fourth season last September, the medical series is finally back tonight on the channel with a season 3 unseen in France.

Viewers had left Dr Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) and his team at the end of a somewhat chaotic season 2, since it had been shortened by 4 episodes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore saw its episode 18, “Bad Timing“, serve as the default conclusion.

One of these episodes, titled “Pandemic“, dealt in particular with a fatal flu epidemic overwhelming the New Amsterdam hospital. Written in 2019, it was to be broadcast but was finally deprogrammed by the channel, due to its plot considered too”anxiety inducing“because too close to the current epidemic crisis.

A season 3 in the world after

THEhe pandemic has forced all of our characters to question their lives ” according to David Schulner, executive producer on the series. Indeed, like other medical series such as Grey’s Anatomy and The Resident, the production of New Amsterdam has chosen to illustrate the consequences of the health crisis within the hospital during this season 3.

“I think we’re going to focus on the patients, obviously, but also the caregivers and their continued efforts. And I think the season will start off by reflecting the craziness of the months we’ve all been through this year.”, announced Ryan Eggold in early 2020 as a preamble.

New Amsterdam had so far been keen to reflect the flaws in the American health care system; but in this season 3, Max Goodwin and his team will find themselves confronted with an unprecedented epidemic, which will exacerbate to a point of no return the structural problems of the public hospital in the United States. Shortage of propofol, depletion of blood reserves, caregivers on the edge of the precipice … Rather than trying to repair a faulty system, Max will this time try to build a new model.

A newcomer …

The last episode aired in season 2, “Bad Timing”, lives up to its name as it marked the introduction to the series of Cassian Shin, a new doctor played by Korean-American actor Daniel Dae Kim. The star of Lost and Hawaii Five-0 was indeed to appear in the last episodes of season 2 which could not be broadcast.

However, his character will be present in several episodes of season 3 – to see if his character is doomed to become recurring or if it is simple guest appearances to compensate for the deprogramming of the four episodes of season 2 where he figured.

… and a departure

According to the site TVLine, the actor Anupam Kher, who plays Doctor Vijay Kapoor, left New Amsterdam after a cameo appearance in the first two episodes of Season 3 for personal reasons, and is not expected to return to the series.

In order to justify the disappearance of the character, who has COVID at the start of the season, the production of the series staged an exchange between two characters in one of the following episodes, in which we learn that Dr. Kapoor has had to undergo major heart surgery after contracting COVID-19 and leaving hospital for extensive rehabilitation.

At this stage, no comment has been made from the production or the channel as to the possibility of a return of the comedian in the coming seasons.

A new relationship for Helen?

On a lighter note finally, viewers will know more about Dr. Helen Sharpe, played by Freema Agyeman. the head of the oncology department of New Amsterdam will be entitled to new intrigues on her intimate life, during a “upheaval in connection with his family“Still according to David Schulner. What if fans finally expected a love story between Sharpe and Goodwin, it seems that it falls under the spell of Dr. Shin … To the point of arousing Max’s jealousy?

All of these revelations will not only surprise viewers, but Sharpe’s closest friends at New Amsterdam Hospital as well. How well do they know her? And how well does Sharpe really know herself? ” said the showrunner. Sharpe will indeed have difficulty finding his bearings once the pandemic has passed, which will seriously affect his relations with those around him.

Beyond the hospital in crisis, New Amsterdam will continue to address societal themes as closely as possible to current events. Systemic violence, racial discrimination within the hospital or the concrete effects of global warming are among the subjects dealt with in this season, which starts tonight at 9:05 p.m. on TF1.

Our interview with Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman:

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